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Event: Hunt the Hungry Fluffies VII

Rill / Sep 17, 2022

Start Date: Friday, September 16, 2022
Final Date: Sunday, October 16, 2022
Place: See details below.

Please note:
This year’s event has differences from previous years. It will take place on a temporary server constructed specifically for the event. Please read the directions carefully.

1.) At TMW start window (“Choose Your Server”), click “Add”.
2.) At “Edit Server”, insert the following and click “Connect”:

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • Port: 6901
  • Server type: TmwAthena
3.) Enter your registered username and password, and click “Login”, then “Play”.
4.) Go to Kimarr by typing “@npc Kimarr”.
5.) Click on Kimarr, who will set your level to 99, and give you all Focus Skills and Magic Skills to the maximum levels.
6.) Distribute your Character Points.
7.) Go to Luca by typing “@npc Luca”.
8.) Click on Luca and choose the Focus Skill on which you wish to focus.
9.) Type “/createitems” to bring up a list of items for selection and use. (Not all items are available.) You may also type “@item <name of item> <number of items>” to obtain items.
10.) Return to Kimarr.
11.) Follow the instructions for "The First Quest - Hunting Hungry Fluffies". (Not all hints on the Wiki page are relevant to this event.)

  • The hunt is redoable, and only your best score will show on the leaderboard, which has 30 spots.
  • To view the leaderboard, click on Kimarr and the line “At the event, who are the most successful Fluffy hunters?”
  • Only Hungry Fluffies will appear during a fight. There are no Yetis, Wolverns, or Ice Goblins.
  • Not all Magic Spells will work during the event.
  • The list of items at “/createitems” includes equipment, weapons, potions, and food.
  • At any time during the event you may change –
    • Character Point distribution (Kimarr will reset your stats)
    • Focus Skill (bring Luca a Grimace of Dementia potion to unfocus, and then refocus with him)
    • Equipment or weapons
  • Whether you use Red or Green Apples, Cakes, or Xmas Cakes, you can load them to drop quickly:
    • Press the W key to bring up the Quick Drop Window, and drag your food of choice from inventory into a slot.
    • Press F9, then Quick tab, and the 9th line down is Drop Counter.
    • Press > until you reach the number of items you would like to drop at a time, then click Apply.
    • Press the U key or Y key to drop the items.
    • But remember that the number you drop could be multiplied, based on the food you choose.
  • These are additional commands you may use:
    • @storage (brings your personal storage to you)
    • @zeny (creates gp)
    • @npc <NPC name> (warps you to the named NPC)
    • @goto <player name> (warps you to the named player)
    • @warp <map name> [x] [y] (warps you to a specific map, at [x y] coordinates)
  • Winners will be the five highest scores recorded from Friday, September 16, through Sunday, October 16, 2022.
  • Winners will each get to choose any one item from the following list of prizes, based on the order of their score rankings. Only one of each item is available.
  • Consolation prizes will be given to contenders who don't finish in the top five.
  • No more than one prize will be allowed per person/player.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting! 😄

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