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Red Corsair Day Celebration 2020!

Rill / Apr 16, 2020
Ahoy Crew!

To celebrate the 10th year Anniversary this month of the founding of CRC
your presence is requested at


Saturday, April 25, 2020, 18:00 server time.

Schedule of events -

Part 1: Find the Kytty
  • Kytty will play hide-and-seek.
  • First player to find her wins a prize.

Part 2: Flower Power
  • Sit on the grass by the Old Woman in Hurnscald where the Pink Flowers spawn.
  • A designated crew member will attack Pink Flowers.
  • If a Pink Flower spawns where you are sitting, it will be targeted and destroyed.
  • After that happens, go to the CRC representative standing near Jack.
  • The CRC representative will give you a prize.
  • You can then watch as others participate.

Part 3: Costume Contest
  • Wear your most colorful outfit!
  • Prizes will be awarded for the best outfits.
* Each individual player who wins will be limited to 1 win per part.

Token gifts will be provided to players who wear something red!

Hope to see you all there! 😄

Link to TMW forum post


See you all tomorrow!

(Be prepared for a twist. 😉)
CRC offers it heartiest congratulations to all who won prizes at the Red Corsair Day 10th anniversary celebration!
Including all three parts of the event, there were 30 prizes awarded.
Here are the names of the winners of the hide-and-seek and costume contest portions of the event:

Matto – Snow Goggles
Wellston – Snow Goggles
Taurus (Regulus) – Bunny Ears
Kytty – Sunglasses
Kina – Witch Hat

CRC wishes to thank the following for their much appreciated participation:

Jesusalva - for spending the time and using his skills to create the poll bot for the costume contest portion of the event.
Kytty and Jesusalva - for playing the hiders in hide-and-seek.
Members and friends of the CRC guild – for their generous donations that made up the prizes and gifts for the event.

To all who joined in the celebration of CRC’s 10th year anniversary, we sincerely hope you enjoyed it! 😄
I missed this, with regret. Not so much for a prize, but to celebrate the longevity. Congratulations crew!
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