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Event: Slime Hunt!

Rill / Aug 26, 2019
Ahoy Crew!
You are invited to attend a


Sunday, September 8, 17:00 server time.

Event details and instructions:

  • 12 colored tickets will be hidden throughout TMW in slime that "pick up loot" (Blue Slime, Candied Slime, Green Slime, Red Slime, Rudolph Slime, Sea Slime, Yellow Slime, Slime Blast).
  • Kill the slime, find a ticket, and return it to the Crew of Red Corsair character in Hurnscald to claim your prize.
  • The color of the ticket reflects the difficulty of locating and/or killing the slime.
  • Ticket colors and difficulty level of each color will be revealed in-game at the start of the event.
  • Caution: If you kill a slime that drops a ticket but die before picking it up, something other than a slime might pick up the ticket.
  • No slime will be spawned by using @spawn command for this event.
  • No tickets will be in the Terranite Cave.
  • You will not have to use a Time Traveler to find a ticket.
  • Prizes will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.
  • No more than 1 prize will be awarded per player/winner.
  • Tickets not turned in for a prize will be removed from the server after the event.


Difficulty Level 1: Chef Hat, Pan Hat, Heart Glasses, Snow Goggles
Difficulty Level 2: Funky Hat, Groovy Hat, Jazzy Hat, Christmas Elf Hat
Difficulty Level 3: Pilot Hat, Smoking Pipe, Terranite Head, Witch Doctor's Mask

See you there!

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This is great! I will definitely try to be there ♥️
Sadly, due to work, I will not be able to attend to the event again. I apologise.
Congratulations to all who won prizes at the Slime Hunt Event!
Here is the list of prizewinners from CRC:

papzu – Golden Warlord Plate and Pan Hat
lum. (msawis) – Golden Warlord Plate
John H. – Golden Platemail and Funky Hat
Adoolah – Golden Platemail and Chef Hat
kytty – Smoking Pipe
Raffe – Christmas Elf Hat
Old Sparky (Marius) – Pilot Hat

Hope everyone enjoyed it! 😀
Wow, lucky!

Hope everyone enjoyed the event. I'm really sad I couldn't be there, as I wanted to spend some time with the crew :)

- ginosuper
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