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Spring Fest!

Rill / Apr 18, 2019
Ahoy Crew! πŸ˜„

To celebrate Spring in TMW, along with the 9th year Anniversary this month of the founding of the Crew of Red Corsair (CRC) Guild, there will be a


on Sunday, April 28, starting at 17:00 server time.

Schedule of events -

Part 1: TMW Trivia Quiz

Part 2:

A. Find the Red
This is like traditional hide-and-seek, only instead of seeking a player, you will seek the location of an object. The color of the object will be red, or have some red in it.

  • Location hints will be announced in-game.
  • To view locations, use your mouse to hover and look at the F10 key (Debug), Map tab.
  • Position your cursor on the center of the object to get the correct Map Name (5th line) and Cursor position numbers (8th line).
  • Example -
  • Map Name: Hurnscald Indoor
    Cursor: 34, 103
    (Points to the red shirt on the hanger in the Hurnscald store.)
  • Whisper the Map Name and Cursor position numbers to "Crew of Red Corsair".
  • The first player to provide the correct Map Name and Cursor position numbers for the location of the object will win a prize.

B. Find CRC
Crew of Red Corsair character will play hide-and-seek. The first player to find her will win a prize.

(Each player/winner will be limited to 1 win per part. The prizes will all be rare items. This event is open to all members of TMW.)

Everyone who wears something dyed red will receive a token gift!

Hope to see you there!


[Link to TMW Forums post]

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Congratulations to those who won prizes at the Spring Fest! Here is the list of all the prizewinners:

Rift Avis - Sunglasses
Hello=) - Paper Bag
John H. - Top Hat
Nced - Shroom Hat
ulpuk - Bunny Ears
matto - Mouboo Head
Piezo_ - Mush Hat
Livio - Sunglasses
Krists - White Rabbit Ears
Regulus - Goggles
Nanoq - Chef Hat
Jesusalva - Pan Hat
Soren. - Snowman Snow Globe
+seeds - Heart Glasses
papzu - Heart Glasses

At the end of the activities, all those who showed up in something dyed red each received gifts of Red Roses, Chicken Legs, Beers, an Easter Egg and a Dark Easter Egg. (As described by matto, "a party starter pack".)

CRC extends heartfelt thanks to TMWC, and the members and friends of the guild, for the prizes and gifts donated for the Fest.

Hope you enjoyed the day!

🌼 🌹 🌼 🌹 🌼 🌹 🌼
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