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tmwathena under attack

PiNG0 / Dec 29, 2018
Today the server was under attack and may be down for days or weeks, gumi said.
Just in case you are triying to login without success and came here looking for answers.

See you soon.


For those who loves the community always will be welcome in evol server to chat and have fun.
Thank you for the information, Pingo. This is not the first time an attack has occurred on the Legacy server. Alternate servers, including Evol Online and the test server, are options while the Legacy server is being restored. In addition, individuals on the IRC server might provide current news about the status of the Legacy server. (Click on the link above, in the site heading, to see the list of servers. To fully view the link contents, log in to this site.)

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Keep the faith, Crew!
This is a terrible thing to do, especially at such a time of the year.

GM accounts were hacked and used for malicious acts. Let's hope the server will return to normal soon.
It's sad to see that some people are out there trying to ruin other people's fun for no apparent reason. Gumi and Freeyorp were great at putting everything on lockdown and securing everyone's data. My focus is on figuring out who's been so mad at TMW lately that they would end up doing this.

In the meantime, this is a good chance, as Rill said, to explore other servers. There's a lot of cool stuff on the test server to have a look at and Artis on the Evol server is always a great meeting place.

If I know gumi the main server will be back as soon as it's safe to put it online. Meanwhile the Crew endures as always! :D
The last thing I did the last time was trying to survive to a huge spawn of reapers in Hurnscald while Veryape was shouting something about the revenge of Platyna.

I don't know what to think...
The Legacy server is working again!

Thanks to Gumi, Freeyorp, and company. 😄

So, apparently "playerone" was the culprit, according to Prsm:

I had my suspicions...
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