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Halloween Event!

Rill / Oct 14, 2018

Ahoy, Crew!

CRC will be hosting a Halloween Event on Sunday, October 28, starting at 17:00 server time.

Here are the details -

Part 1: TMW Trivia Quiz

Part 2: Hidden-in-Plain-Sight
This part is like traditional hide-and-seek, only instead of seeking a person, you will seek the location of a stationary object or landmark.

> Location hints will be announced in-game.

> To view locations, use your mouse to hover and look at the F10 key (Debug), Map tab.

> Position your cursor on the center of the object or landmark to get the correct Map Name (5th line) and Cursor position numbers (8th line).

> Whisper the Map Name and Cursor position numbers to "Crew of Red Corsair".

> The first person to provide a correct location will win a prize.

Example -
Map Name: Hurnscald Indoor
Cursor: 23, 97
[Points to the center of the note on the wall in the Hurnscald store.]

Here are some of the available prizes: Guy Fawkes Mask, Goblin Mask, Jester Mask, Opera Mask, and Witch Hat.
(Each player/winner will be limited to 1 win per part.)

* Everyone who wears something dyed orange will receive a token gift!

πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ Mwahaha! Hope to see you all there! πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ



Some additional prizes have just been added, including the fabulous Mask of Blinking Evil in eye color choices of green, red, blue, pink, or yellow!

See you on Sunday!
Congratulations to everyone who won prizes at the Halloween Event! (All but two are members of CRC.) Here is the list of prizewinners:

Part 1: TMW Trivia Quiz
Livio - Guy Fawkes Mask
GnuLinux - Goblin Mask
Kzexio - Jester Mask
Butters - Goblin Mask
Elleanna (Marius) - Guy Fawkes Mask
John H. - Skull Mask
Ping1 - Opera Mask
Nced - Witch Hat
Seraphim sama - Face Mask
Corp - Witch Hat
Ginosuper - Guy Fawkes Mask

Part 2: Hidden-in-Plain-Sight
(Each winner received a Mask of Blinking Evil in the colors noted below.)
Livio - red
Corp - yellow
GnuLinux - red
Hello=) - blue
ArcanePower (DragonStar) - blue
Ping1 - green
Nced - pink
Ginosuper - yellow
John H. - pink
Seraphim sama - green

Following the TMW Trivia Quiz and Hidden-in-Plain-Sight, Prsm hosted two separate special events. One was a "Kill the GM" battle, where Nced came out the winner and was awarded a Murderer's Crown by Prsm for her efforts. The other involved finding two hidden toothbrushes in a bunch of nasty mobs that overran GM Island. For locating the toothbrushes, Hello=) and Corp were the first players ever to win a Groovy Hat and a Jazzy Hat, respectively.

At the end of the events, all those who were wearing something dyed orange received a variety of lollipops and other gifts.

CRC sincerely wishes to thank Prsm for providing the ten fabulous Masks of Blinking Evil, along with the Face Mask and Skull Mask, and all the Lollipops for the festivities.

CRC also wishes to thank Moebird for past donations of the Guy Fawkes, Goblin, Jester, and Opera Masks, and for the Bent Needles, Strange Coins, and Dark Petals which were given out during and after the events.

Additional prizes, consisting of Witch Hats, and Goblin and Guy Fawkes Masks, were provided by past donations from members of the Crew of Red Corsair Guild.

To everyone who participated during this occasion, we sincerely hope you enjoyed it!


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