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Red Corsair Day Celebration 2018!

Rill / Apr 18, 2018
😂 Ahoy Crew! 😂

In honor of the 8th year anniversary this month of the founding of the Crew of Red Corsair (CRC) Guild, there will be a Red Corsair Day celebration on Saturday, April 28th.

CRC will be hosting a number of events throughout the day.
These may include Candor, Cindy, and crypt battles, as well as prizes for hide-and-seek and special slime hunting.

Hope you can join in the fun!


Special thanks to Aisen for donating 3 Sailor Hats and a Knit Cap, and to Micksha for giving a Sapphire Ring, to be included as prizes in the Red Corsair Day celebration!
Update: Special Event details for Red Corsair Day celebration this Saturday, April 28th

1st Special Event: "Find the Micksha"

• Time: 19:00 server time

• Number of prizes: 3

• Directions: Micksha will play hide-and-seek. Find him and win a prize. He will hide 3 separate times in different locations. No more than 1 prize will be awarded per player/winner.

2nd Special Event: "Mob Hunting"

• Time: Following the end of 1st Special Event

• Number of prizes: 12

• Description of prizes: Package sets and individual items, including some valuable rares❗️

• Directions: 12 colored tickets will be hidden throughout TMW in mobs that "pick up loot". Kill the mobs, find a ticket, and return it to CRC in Hurnscald to claim your prize. Some mobs are easier to kill than others. The color of the ticket reflects the difficulty of the mob. ➡️ The harder it is to find and kill the mob, the better the prize! No more than 1 prize will be awarded per player/winner.

Good Luck to All! 😄

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Congratulations to all who won prizes at the Red Corsair Day celebration. All but two are members of CRC. Here is the list of prizewinners:

1st Special Event: "Find the Micksha"
John H., Nced, and DeadPuppy all won Sailor Hats

2nd Special Event: "Mob Hunting"
Seraphim Sama - Pilot Hat
Untamed Monkey - Terranite Head
Raffe - Skull Mask
RapidStrike - Witch Doctor's Mask
Krists - Warlord Plate, Warlord Helmet, Warlord Boots, Jean Chaps, Leather Gloves, Steel Shield, Setzer, and Ruby Ring
Librenoi - Sorceror Robe, Wizard Hat, Red Stockings, Silk Pants, Silk Gloves, Grimoire, Wooden Staff, and Sapphire Ring
Clay (John H.) - Forest Armor, Cat Ears, Fur Boots, Jean Chaps, Silk Gloves, Forest Bow, Clover, and Topaz Ring
Nced - Blue Eggshell Hat, Brown Eggshell Hat, Green Eggshell Hat, Orange Eggshell Hat, Red Eggshell Hat, and Yellow Eggshell Hat
Livio - Amber Christmas Sweater, Blue Christmas Sweater, Dark Christmas Sweater, Funky Christmas Sweater, and Pink Christmas Sweater
Narouv - Cashier's Shade, Desert Hat, Pirate Hat, Ranger Hat, Candle Helmet, Infantry Helmet, Bandana, and Circlet
Corp - Bowler Hat, Fairy Hat, Fluffy Hat, Nutcracker Hat, Pinkie Hat, Santa Hat, White Cowboy Hat, and Knit Cap
Katsuto - Bone Knife, Ice Gladius, Rock Knife, Scythe, Setzer, and Short Sword

Many thanks to Prsm for his donation of the Pilot Hat, Terranite Head, Skull Mask, Witch Doctor's Mask, and Cashier's Shade, which helped make the cache of prizes exceptional. And kudos and great thanks to Micksha for the enormous effort he put into preparing and assisting in the day's events, including crafting the colorful and very useful event tickets; searching out places and hiding for hide-and-seek; locating prime mob locations and dropping tickets in them; and making all the announcements during the events.

A final thanks goes to those CRC guild members whose donated items made up the majority of the prizes.

To everyone who participated in the celebration, we sincerely hope you enjoyed the day! 😄
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