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Announcement: John H. promoted to Officer!

Rill / Mar 20, 2018

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Notice is hereby given that CRC Crew Member John H. has been promoted to the rank of Officer.

Congratulations and best wishes to our new Officer John H.!



Congratulations John! ;)
John H.
thx πŸ˜€
...still steeped in deep philosophical discourse with Socrates and Diogenes as he enters, preponderously ruminating their contrary views, intending to offer here a corrective assertion, there an expression of afirmationn, he chances to glance upon the pult standing in the entryway whereupon the guest book lies open as if to welcome fresh entries. Above it in elegantly gilded frame he notices anew the recently added announcement of the awarding of a CRC officers' patent to John. On an impulse born of the moment then, excusing himself for the therefore necessary interruption in their still ongoing, lively discussion to pen the following gratulatory text..:
A hearty 'Ahoy!' to shipmates and visitors alike and especially to you, John, when you eventually happen on by to look after things in the ship's club rooms ...: Gladly do I, roamingo, celebrate your appointment (as surely do also our CRC shipmates) be it by dawn's early light or by the twilight's last gleaming. πŸ˜€ A toast thereby to you, our newly proclaimed ship's officer and congenial fellow crew member. A toast to your, while precocious yet well deserved such advancement! For already you have delighted us all with spontaneous seeming, amusing events and the advancement of the wiki with your help has surely been and will lastingly continue to be of great assistance and erudication for us all! 8)
Congratulations on getting promoted to officer John! πŸ˜ƒ I'm happy for you.
Might be a bit late to suggest this, but I wonder if we should have. . . some kind of celebration. . . for when everybody gets promoted.πŸ˜„
Up to you people; overall congratulations xD.
John H.
Thank you Roamy for your poetic eloquence πŸ˜€, And Thank You Gnu πŸ˜€
Congrats John πŸ˜€
John H.
thx πŸ˜€
Congratulations, Officer !
I'm glad for you, and glad for all of us in the guild ☺
John H.
thx πŸ˜€
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