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Flower Power Event!

Rill / Aug 25, 2017

Flower Power Event!

Date: Saturday, September 2, 2017
Time: 21:00 server time
Place: Hurnscald, by the Old Woman (where the Pink Flowers spawn)

Ahoy Crew!

CRC will be holding our second Flower Power Event at the above-indicated time and place. This event is open to all members of TMW.

These are the event instructions:
Sit on the grass in the area around the Old Woman and DO NOT MOVE.
A designated member of CRC will attack Pink Flowers.
If a Pink Flower spawns on the place where you are sitting, it will be targeted and destroyed.
After this happens, go to the CRC representative standing near Jack.
The CRC representative will give you 4 prizes.
You can then watch as others participate.

Here is the list of prizes:
Axe Hat
Infantry Helmet
Pirate Hat
Pumpkin Helmet
Ranger Hat
V-Neck Sweater
Yeti Mask

In keeping with the Flower Power vibe, please come dressed in your most
outlandish, outrageous, ridiculous, crazy, or silly outfit!
Additional, different prizes will be awarded for the best outfits.

So until then, Peace and Love, mateys! Hope to see you there!



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Congratulations to everyone who received prizes during the Flower Power Event, including those who were awarded special prizes for their outlandish, outrageous, ridiculous, crazy, and silly outfits. Here is a list of the special prizewinners:

Warp Mage - Kid Book
MAF-Apane - Blue Eggshell Hat
Archerbald - Funky Christmas Sweater
Nced - Amber Christmas Sweater
Rift Avis - Nutcracker Hat
Roamingo - Bone Knife
DeadManWalking - Bowler Hat
BobTheBuilder - Forest Bow
Hocus Pocus Fidibus - Bowler Hat
Brusselmans - Fluffy Hat

A heartfelt thanks goes to CRC's Quarter Master Brusselmans and Officer Xnove for their assistance in planning and working the event.
And CRC is very grateful to Rein who set up the in-game announcements which helped alert the community.

To all participants, we sincerely hope you enjoyed it!

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