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Hiiiiieeeeyaaa! :D

Super happy to join this awesome Crew ! :D Looking forward to have lots of fun moments with you all :)

I have been playing this since... uhm i don't really know when i started but i have a screenshot from 4 October 2009 8) And still i'm not level 99 with my main char eerhm :O I did have a big "away time" from the game for a while when the game was almost dead and nothing happened but i kept my acoount by login in short periodes from time to time, to quote C3PO :D

So much going on right now and so much have happened but the game still goes on strong and i have met so may awesome people from this game that i am really happy and thankfull about :D Biggest thank is given to my brother who introdused... intro... TOLD me about Mana World :D :D

So yeah looking forward to what game has in store for us in the future and i will continue play a lot and much more and level my other chars more and more !

I will write more here if i come to think of anything or if anyone of you want to know something just let me know :)