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General News

Roster Update

CRC Crew who have not been in-game, nor logged into this site, at least once since July 2017 were moved to the ranks of Retired Crew. Their names will remain in guild chat should they return to active duty at some later date.
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General News

CRC Drawing Contest

This years CRC-Drawing Contest theme is:"Adventures in the Mana World"How to enter the Contest:To enter this contest simply post your final image into this thread before the 30th November 2019 ends (server time).If you want to post WIPs and commen...
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General News

Help Wanted: Wiki Editors

Ahoy Crew!Did you ever notice how some parts of TMW wiki are in error or missing information about mobs, items, or quests? Did you ever wonder, “Why doesn’t someone fix this?” The reason is that TMW is in desperate need of wiki editors. Have ...
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General News

Important: VOTE!

Re: Vote on issue affecting the new serverVote "Migrate as much data as possible" to keep your items, levels, and stats.(To vote, you first need to create an account in TMW forums.)
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General News

Terogan "event".

Hello everyone :)So, I have been talking to Roamingo about a potential Terogan "event". There is no prize to win, however. The prize is the fun we get out of the battles we fight together with the members of CRC, and anyone else that wishes to joi...
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General News

Do not update to M+ version if you're a runner

If you're a runner, don't update to new version, if you do while running if you get hit you'll encounter a rubberbanding effect due to some new server desync/resync protocols
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General News

TMW 15th Birthday: Improvised Livio's events results

Hello people!Here are the results of those improvised events held by me: Find General Kruton: graveyard sightseeing☑️Hello=) won 100 000GPs in about 7 minutes Find Livio: alone in the cabin☑️Nced won 50 000GPs in about 19 minutes Find Attilio il ...
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General News


Starting next week I'll be streaming the game on a website called when I'm streaming the game I'll be doing GY/Crypt Runs and Candor a lot.If you wanna tune into the stream and see how streaming works my channel is
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General News

text to speech

=================================================Reads text files out loud.=================================================First output log files you want to listen to "live" all to a single file, namedwhatever you want. Here I named it "output-h...
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General News

CRC representative char (events, donations, etc)

Hello Corsairs!This is to let you know that the char by the name of "Crew of Red Corsair" (or CRC, for short), is now up and running, and ready for duty. In case you did not know, CRC is our representative guild char (our "face", if you like) onl...
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General News

Current Issues, for your consideration

CURRENT ISSUES, for your considerationThe purpose of this thread is to get your opinions on certain in-game issues. The information you provide will be the basis for a poll or polls to be posted in TMW forums, where the entire TMW community will ...
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General News

ShadowShops new command

ShadowShop now has a command you can send. Just whisper !news to him and he will send you info about either upcoming events, news, my shop updates, and maybe more in the future. I have to enter the text myself but if there is something going on an...
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General News

Possible game changes :/

There is a proposal to reduce the range of inma. This was the conversation on 1 August on IRC:[12:14:27] <o11c> Wombat: also we were discussing in #tmwa some technical details of the fluffy hunting quest and we wanted to deny mages the abili...
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General News


Post here your Poems!when we have enough, we can hold an event. :D
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General News

The Vinaigrette and Salad story

I was wandering in Tulimshar's streets. I had no special aim to do so. Heat was heavy and air was suffocating. Thus I stopped to rest near the small pond which makes the Charm of South Rampart Street. Elanore was, as usual, officiating with newbie...
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General News

ManaPlus (aka 4144 patch)

Client add some advanced features to game and improve gameplay.Here you can download it and read whats new: install in ubuntu/debian: compile from sources:
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General News

Silent Dawn & V0id wedding

As some of you may know, Silent Dawn and I are now married :).Thanks to everyone who attended the wedding.(For those who do not know, the drawing is a "Ai Ai Gasa")
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