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Upon request, help in translations.
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I want to make a Manamovie, a comedy.

I'm wanting to do a few skits, and using Manaworld to do them. I thought it would be a good idea to have some funny stuff that we could make a screencast of, using a script (not a coder script, but a skit script). Then we could make a comedy serie...
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New content

Since I last played (February 2020) there were a lot of new content in tmw. Now I finished to lvl up my alt to 90 (I would appreciate help in Illia quest) and l am looking for further goals. So I would like to know what I can still do. I saw seve...
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Illia Quest - Team Help

Hy hy !I heard, few peoples there need to build a team to make the Illia Quest.Let's talk about it here :)(I have experience into runner or warrior)
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Help Wanted: Wiki Editors

Ahoy Crew!Did you ever notice how some parts of TMW wiki are in error or missing information about mobs, items, or quests? Did you ever wonder, “Why doesn’t someone fix this?” The reason is that TMW is in desperate need of wiki editors. Have ...
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Speed Skill Assistance

I created this post for members to ask for assistance with getting the Speed Skill in game, so if anyone needs help with getting the Speed Skill ask here 😀
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Looking for translators for the wiki - call for volunteers.

Hi my fellow buccaneers!I'm looking for wiki translators, as I am almost finished the English section of the wiki, and would like to copy this over to the languages for others to benefit from.At this stage, can you respond with your interest and y...
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account problem

Hi all...I have great problems with my account login.I tried to get a pw reset, but without results or reaction - have they left ?Since it is long ago I made the account im not sure which email I used then.Any suggestions will be appreciated ?Oth...
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tmw's main cities to the new fusion world

Reid:I may need your help for one task thenI would like to make a good port of tmw's main cities to the new fusion worldfor this, I would like to make the state of art of nivalis, tulim and hurnsalthough, the game changed since I left, and I'm a b...
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New Quest Idea, need help!

Hello all, as some of you may know by now I have today been thinking of a new quest for our lovely game. So far my idea revolves around a romantic male NPC in Tulimshar who is working on the reconstruction after the great quake. He is magically in...
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who have the murderer crown?

hi all i need the name of all who have the murderer crownwho have: assassin, luvia, narus, V0id, .....please help me
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vercingetorix32178Small vercingetorix 7y
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Yeah yeah... I need always a lot of help with some traduction... Example : every day I need to have a new translation for the journals ^^I trust in your help... Thanks ;)
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