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Speiros writes and sings!

In CRC, we love Poetry and Music:Have a look and listen: Speiros' Page Speiros Esteropoulos plays Aeli Roses Your Lovin' on Can't you See. Pain Goodbye Peace of Mind Heartbreaking Woman yay !
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Music share

So I like music and thought id make this for sharing some tune's.
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Dedication of a song to our fellow crew members.

This song I heard a long time ago, and subliminally wrote a song with a similar tune, called Again. I lost this song until today, but now I can place it where it belongs, as it is a useful landmark, and very pleasant to listen to.This song was wr...
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CRC theme songs and poems

This thread is for those of you who want to write a poem or song about the Crew of the Red Corsairs. It can be a made-up story or ballad, or can be a few short lines...well, it can be whatever you like.Give us your best piece;):D
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