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This is a list of Crew members' birthdays. Even though this thread is locked, names are still being added upon request.
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The story of Kazenawa and Yojimbo

After having fought a lot in the past, Kazenawa got tired of it... Too much kills from his own hands, too much violence, even if it was against evil forces that live in the Mana World. That's why he rested to find a solution... First of...
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Kazenawa11155Small Kazenawa 7y
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Try to guess movie by screenshot

but not so difficult moviesWho will name correct movie name - post next movie screenshot.For example someone called correctly, it is movie named *************Next answer he should post other movie screenshot so game would continue...Every user who...
Small Nooby 8y
Nooby24137745Small Kazenawa 7y
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Word puzzles

Horizontally, Vertically, Diogonally!.pdf file (Acrobat Reader file) - press button below "Скачать файл", alternate link - press Bezmaksas.ods file (Excell. LibreOffice Math) - press button below "Скачать файл", altermate link - press Bezmaksasif ...
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Nooby124925Small Kazenawa 8y
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Derpella and Okurweniec married!

Corsairs Derpella and Okurweniec married yesterday!the party was followed by a CRC sponsored event :)
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Nard32165Small Nard 8y
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tmw movie reenactment quiz

so! ok, this is a quiz: below you'll find three scenes from different movies. kind of.the first one who can name the three referenced movies will recieve a prize!the prize is: 25 mouboo figurines + 25 cotton cloths + either one purple present box ...
Small taree 9y
taree21741Small Nard 9y
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mouboos and gpl

so... yes, are mouboos (the artwork/images) under gpl?and if so, ok, the problem is, hypothetically, if you've made a cross-stitch of a mouboo, and want to give it to someone, i mean, it's clearly a "derived work" or how you say it, will i have t...
Small taree 9y
taree31726Small taree 9y
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content wishlist/brainstorming

the blessed butterfly bottlei think it would be magnificent if we could put butterflies inside bottles.bear with me.. maybe we need a new item/"weapon" for this, the net, as a way of catching the butterfly. it should be a little tricky to catch th...
Small taree 9y
taree21274Small taree 9y
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Kill the bad pirate!

For Lennon, use it good ;)
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Reid52801Member avatar small Big Crunch 10y
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GY Leveling team

Anyone who is up for some serious gy grinding between the levels of 87-97 let me know. I still have a few spots on my party :)
Member avatar small bleh 10y
bleh21366Member avatar small Big Crunch 10y