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[Pinned] Some funny chats
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[Pinned] Some funny chats

[02:19] Livio: %%^ means that someone need healing.[02:19] kirito12321: i am scared...[02:19] kirito12321: XD[02:19] Livio: Is a common language we use in the crew.[02:20] kirito12321: what crew?[02:20] conradg: crc[02:20] kirito12321: ...[02:20] ...
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[Pinned] CRC Birthday list

🎁 πŸŽ‰ πŸ˜„ πŸŽ‚ 🎁 CRC Birthday listJanuary 3 - Knight (Raka)January 4 - XnoveJanuary 17 - KyttyJanuary 22 - RillJanuary 23 - BugsFebruary 2 - NarouvFebruary 4 - OkurwieniecFebruary 5 - BastexMarch 3 - Jak1March 3 - NcedMarch 7 - LindenatorMarch 8 - Regulu...
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FYI: Level Porting to new server

MERGER PROGRAM: Details about Level Porting (click here)
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I've never saw this

I've seen Indiana Jones, Star Wars but I've never seen Harrison Ford drinking a Japanese beer.
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Pirate videos!

This video seemed highly relevant and funny, so I thought I'd share.CGP Grey - How to be a PirateSomeone recently complained that the guild's not getting along as well as the good old days of a year ago. . . Maybe we could share our favorite pirat...
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Where is TMW-Waaar? What Happened to it?

I was looking at the list of servers and I was just wondering, where is TMW-Waaaaaaar!?
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TMW Review

[00:35] omido: btw Quilla[00:36] omido: Considering the fact that you are a native English speaker and a good writer[00:36] omido: Why don't you write some reviews on TMW[00:36] Quillia: Hmm.[00:36] omido: We can publishe them on several gaming we...
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a tale of two mouboos

once upon a time...there were two mouboos, named blue and pink. blue worked at a hardware store in tulimshar stacking shelves, and still lived at home. pink had a job at the counter of the hardware store. pink was pretty fly, and some mouboos pass...
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Roster Update

CRC Crew who have not been in-game, nor logged into this site, at least once since July 2017 were moved to the ranks of Retired Crew. Their names will remain in guild chat should they return to active duty at some later date.
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CRC Drawing Contest

This years CRC-Drawing Contest theme is:"Adventures in the Mana World"How to enter the Contest:To enter this contest simply post your final image into this thread before the 30th November 2019 ends (server time).If you want to post WIPs and commen...
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CRC Drawing Contest - WIPs and C&C

Please post your WIP (Work In Progress) images and any comments and critique and discussion into this thread and do not forget to post your final image in the official contest thread in time.
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super scary things

seriously, this has freaked me out for a long time, does anyone know what it is and why?edit: rumor has it that it was a mafia job, and that he is the reason swords can talk since they share souls :S
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Important: VOTE!

Re: Vote on issue affecting the new serverVote "Migrate as much data as possible" to keep your items, levels, and stats.(To vote, you first need to create an account in TMW forums.)
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TMW 15th Birthday: Improvised Livio's events results

Hello people!Here are the results of those improvised events held by me: Find General Kruton: graveyard sightseeingβ˜‘οΈHello=) won 100 000GPs in about 7 minutes Find Livio: alone in the cabinβ˜‘οΈNced won 50 000GPs in about 19 minutes Find Attilio il ...
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Starting next week I'll be streaming the game on a website called when I'm streaming the game I'll be doing GY/Crypt Runs and Candor a lot.If you wanna tune into the stream and see how streaming works my channel is
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[DRAFT] Do we really know how to help?

Think to this post like a draft because I'm feeling that it's someway incomplete. #2429315 Reid wrote:1) How does the Clan help me?The clan gives you help and / or supports you in leveling up, we asset in quests etc. ... It also allows you to meet...
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What food is good to eat?

Drink at the crew bar, eat at the crew restaurant but when a fight comes up (almost every day) what to eat to stay alive?What's the better food at all? The more recovering one or the more cheaper but heavier to carry?Or it's better to spend money ...
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"" you make any change to this it seems to advance the day of your birth by +2Like if your birthday was 1 and you add a social connect, twitter or website or what ever, and update; then your birthday is ...
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Holiday Jingle

Kill, Kill, Kill those mobs, all the live-long day,I should do some real work now..., eff it, what the hey!
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