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Free Wooden Staffs available to crew members who qualify.
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[Pinned] Illia Sisters Quest - useful information

For those preparing for The Illia Sisters Quest, here are some hints, tips, advice, and suggestions -Wiki pageVideoRecommended Warrior build stats: STR=80 VIT=80 LUK=70 DEX=40 AGI=remainderRecommended Focus Skill for Warrior: RagingEnter /addpr...
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[Pinned] Guild chat tab instructions

For new members -After your application for membership is approved on this site, you will be invited to the Guild chat tab in-game. Please prepare by taking these steps:Step 1:go to Setup (F9 key) Misc tab (3rd from right)scroll down and check th...
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[Pinned] Quick way to Magic Skill Level 2

Here is a quick way to get from general Magic Skill Level 1 to Level 2. This formula was given to me years ago by an experienced player named DingoDuck. He and his real life brother Billr were regular players in earlier days of TMW. Once you s...
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Get a Beheader (one-handed weapon) from the new Beheader Quest!
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Terranite Head

Get a Terranite Head from the new Terranite Head Quest!
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Quest Rewards not detailed on the wiki

Here is information about certain Quest Rewards not detailed on the wiki -Reward: Antler HatLevel: 70Location: NPC Yerrnk in Barbarian VillagePrerequisite: Complete all 3 sections of the Raging Skill Quest.Requirement: Have Antlers in inventory wh...
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Directional Clues - Alacrius' Riddle Quest

Re: Alacrius' Riddle QuestHere are examples of how to locate the directionals (NW, NE, SW, SE, S) needed to light the candlesticks in the Terogan Chamber in order to get to the Ruined Swamp. The directionals are different for every account, but r...
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Want a Monocle?Try the Slot Machines! 🎰 😉
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Annual December Quests

Don’t forget about these three annual December quests, open from December 1st to January 6th:Snowman's QuestSanta's Stolen PresentsChristmas EventIf done precisely, the Christmas Event quest will give you a level up, among its other rewards. Be su...
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Alacrius' Quest – need help?

If you have collected the 2,000 Treasure Keys, but have not been able to get to the chest in the swamp (for the experience and prize), let us know so we can put together a team to get you there before the Final Snapshot on November 2nd.*And if you...
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Doomsday Final Battle GUIDE

Hello! Since this is going to be asked several times and a lot of people is asking for advice in the final battle, I decided to add a thread with a bit of general guidelines for the final battle/info:REWARDS:- Experience- 50k GP split among the gr...
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Battle tactics / Glossary

Maybe this post would be better as a wiki article . . . oh well.Quillia is tired of writing, so I'ma post this and be done with it. This site's lack of nice formatting be damned. This post is a bit late coming, and is loosely based on a guild disc...
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A guide for hunting Terranites

Many players are reporting they regard Terranites as too hard to kill and too dangerous mobs. They spawn slow, at a few locations only, and they hit fast and hard.But they have some quite valuable drops to offer, and also some good experience. The...
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Item Drops not detailed on TMW Wiki

Here is information about certain Item Drops not detailed on TMW Wiki -Item: Sailor HatSource: ThugLocation: Tulimshar Pirate CaveDrop rate: .05% (1 in 2,000)Item: Captain's HatSource: GrenadierLocation: Tulimshar Pirate CaveDrop rate: .01...
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Get prepared for the Maze Raid

dear co-pirates, lemme put in here a few suggestions on the Maze Raid preparations just to be double sure we're all prepared properly1. RESTAT- we all are probably going to be using the new savior armor, but i still very much recommend going for 8...
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An aMazing plan!

First, thanks goes out to Matto, Rikki, Hello=) and PiNG0 for discussion of the plan (there might be an idea from Jesu in here too. . .). I don't care to sort out who suggested what, and I don't want to be blamed for stealing any ideas; so all the...
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shared some ideas below, feel free to correct me or add something. and, if smth different comes to my mind later, I edit this post. I'm afraid that this one'll resemble Jes's post about rumors but it's better than nothing.about swamp,you won't get...
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PvP - useful tips

Useful tips for PvP from CRC Captain Travolta, Ret., in a post dated February 1, 2016: #12018542 Travolta wrote: Dunno if we'll be able to practice, but here are some useful tips. Set up your yellow bar to not attack friends, or attack only enem...
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Spider's Nests

Hey y'all, If you want to grind spiders (for their keys, infantry helmets(the guild has lots, ask and you shall receive) or relatively high Job XP) there are at least 2 good places to find them:Kina's Cove:Enter the mines north of Hurnscald, and ...
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new banshee/banshee stats suggestion
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