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[Pinned] Sales prices

[Pinned] Sales prices

ManaMarket (written by Phoenix members Jero and Pjotr Orial) has historical prices.These are based on sales completed on ManaMarket, meaning that this is what people have actually paid. Frost, ...
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Nard21962Small Rill 2y

looking to buy a lazurite robe

Like the title sais. I'm looking for a lazurite robe.
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Proton189Member avatar small Proton 77d

looking for redstockings

in xmas present I dont get them sadly I want to buy some in 350k
Small Manatauro 271d
Manatauro3301Small Livio 271d

Rares for Sale

I just purchased these items, which I am offering to sell for my cost:Opera Mask – 1,317,000 gpJester Mask – 1,237,000 gpGoblin Mask – 1,057,000 gpGuy Fawkes Mask – 989,000 gpWitch Hat – 489,000 gpIf interested, post here or pm me in game. πŸ˜ƒ*Edit...
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Rill1393Small Rill 351d

Halloween Skelleton Charm giveaway

Hello Crew,now that the Halloween quest does indeed work and Munro does give out Skeleton Charms i have at least one, maybe two (i have to ask PRSM first if it is ok to keep the one he gave to me) to give away as a halloween gift. So if you were ...
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Hocus Pocus Fidibus3910Member avatar small Hocus Pocus Fidibus 2y

wooden staff

Ahoy mateys! I am looking for a wooden staff. I can bye or rent one. I am rather an adult mage of level 77 and have to cast using only wand. Newbies are laughing at me. Shame on me.Promise I will keep it in a good shape.Best wishes,yours msawisPS...
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msawis1640Member avatar small msawis 2y

Me wants to buy Bull Helmet

Huhus,i would like to buy a Bull Helmet.Greetings, Hocus
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Hocus Pocus Fidibus1560Member avatar small Hocus Pocus Fidibus 2y

Hitchhickers Towel xD

I want trade towel for a top hat, sungalsses or 1 million xD i know i know its much...(i "can" add chef hat)
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Avenn11453Small Avenn 8y

Account for sale lvl 98

It's easier to send you here:Link
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Reid Market

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