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#4907065 Sep 07, 2011 at 02:07 AM
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There is a proposal to reduce the range of inma. This was the conversation on 1 August on IRC:

[12:14:27] <o11c> Wombat: also we were discussing in #tmwa some technical details of the fluffy hunting quest and we wanted to deny mages the ability to support
[12:14:40] <o11c> max range of frillyar is 7 but inma can get to 14
[12:15:18] <o11c> I suggest decreasing the range of inma, using a sqrt so the decrease is noticed less as low power but significantly at high power
[12:15:29] <PjotrOrial> can healing go over collision tiles?
[12:15:35] <Frost> yes
[12:15:43] <Frost> it works in the mine cave
[12:15:49] <PjotrOrial> ah sure
[12:16:20] <Wombat> looks good
[12:16:30] <PjotrOrial> i am not sure about that
[12:16:47] <PjotrOrial> i like the way mages can heal over lots of range
[12:16:50] <Wombat> if we are altering magic, lets fix lightning first
[12:16:55] <Wombat> that seems to be the biggest issue
[12:17:02] <PjotrOrial> ?
[12:17:03] <o11c> currently it is 2 + power/50; I recommend 2 + sqrt(power)/4 or so
[12:17:19] <PjotrOrial> Wombat: what's broken with lightning?
[12:17:47] <o11c> just because people complain about it doesn't mean it's broken, or vice versa
[12:17:59] <Wombat> it is broken
[12:18:06] <o11c> I doubt anyone is complaining that the range of inma is too big, but it makes designing quests more difficult
[12:18:07] <PjotrOrial> mages do less damage per second than archers
[12:18:09] <Wombat> we need to have a magic that can operate in pvp
[12:18:32] <PjotrOrial> yeah pvp is another formula
[12:19:23] <Wombat> the amount of damage for the game is due to be reduced significantly soon
[12:22:29] <o11c> 2+sqrt(power)/4 yields a maximum range of 8 above 576 m.attack. 2+sqrt(power)/5 yields a maximum range of 7 above 625 m.attack

[12:30:38] <o11c> Wombat: my argument on the magic thing is: changing #ingrav to anyone's satisfaction is nontrivial, but this change in #inma is pretty simple

[12:34:03] <Frost> o11c, so a maximum range of 6 spaces?
[12:34:07] <Wombat> the phoenix society will probably discuss the battle systems balance once I get the db organized
[12:34:22] <o11c> Frost: 7 or 8 ...
[12:34:58] <PjotrOrial> o11c: i think healing over long distance is quite important
[12:35:08] <PjotrOrial> so everywhere except in that quest
[12:35:40] <Frost> 7*4=28, 28^2=784

[12:37:53] <Wombat> o11c: for magic and skils, speak with PjotrOrial and Jenalya
[12:38:20] <Wombat> if they like the changes, we'll go with them and deal with any future balance issue if it comes up
[12:39:46] <o11c> Wombat: that's with whom I spoke with in #tmwa
[12:40:49] <PjotrOrial> o11c could we just setup an everlasting spell around that quest, so everyone using magic around is taking damage except for the player doing the quest right now
[12:41:18] <o11c> comparison of inma ranges:
[12:41:25] <o11c> PjotrOrial: doesn't seem a good idea to me
[12:41:29] <Wombat> okay, go ahead with whatever then. I'd like to see magic changes involving lightning....I'd either want it to be hinder by "outdoor only" or by reducing its damage or by both.
[12:41:40] <Wombat> the rain spell, causing hell with it, should be its major negative
[12:41:48] <Wombat> especially with pvp
[12:42:02] <o11c> it's really too much of a negative I think
[12:42:13] <o11c> with the HP that mages tend to have, it's one-hit kill
[12:42:13] <Wombat> o11c: there are other damage spells
[12:42:21] <Wombat> o11c: so we need both
[12:42:32] <Wombat> damage reduction + outdoor only
[12:42:43] <PjotrOrial> whoot?
[12:42:46] <Wombat> fireball can be introduced for indoor combat
[12:42:59] <PjotrOrial> so you take the possibility to fight pve in caves then?
[12:43:03] <Wombat> and we can find ways to enhance single-target spell attacks for indoor
[12:44:29] <PjotrOrial> o11c: the sqrt kicks in starting at 200, the number you can get to without astralsoul skill
[12:44:52] <o11c> that works out nicely ...
[12:45:16] <PjotrOrial> o11c: so from 200 to 550 is only about 2 more, which effectively means you can be healer without astral soul
[12:46:24] <PjotrOrial> o11c: what about just having it still linear but 2+spell/90
[12:46:28] <PjotrOrial> power*
[12:46:55] <o11c> I think that decreases it too much for lower spell levels
[12:47:02] <Wombat> PjotrOrial: level 3 can introduce fireball + "earth strike" as a single target spell.
[12:47:16] <Wombat> how many levels of magic are we wanting...5 is what I assumed the target was.
[12:47:37] <PjotrOrial> o11c: lower spell levels are ok to be weak, since you wont need any skill or such, just a good clothing
[12:47:49] <PjotrOrial> Wombat: i'd go for 5 yeah

[12:51:03] <o11c> PjotrOrial: I think a range of 4 is weak enough and stronge enough for where sq4 gives it
[12:55:23] <o11c> suggested patch:
[12:56:31] <PjotrOrial> o11c: we would need more information how big screensizes are used among the players
[12:56:51] <PjotrOrial> if the quest is appart 8 blocks or more
[12:57:14] <PjotrOrial> some people wont see it anyway

[13:00:00] <PjotrOrial> o11c: ok just lets try that patch and wait for moaning players
[13:01:22] <o11c> 800x600 is a reasonable expectation, which is 25 tiles wide
[13:01:45] <o11c> even 640x480 is 20 tiles wide
[13:02:00] <o11c> (half in each direction)

[13:19:21] <CIA-1> themanaworld: Ben Longbons tmwa-server-test:master * b13e364 /world/map/conf/magic.conf.template: Weaken the range of #inma at high power to avoid breaking quests
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