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once upon a time...
there were two mouboos, named blue and pink. blue worked at a hardware store in tulimshar stacking shelves, and still lived at home. pink had a job at the counter of the hardware store. pink was pretty fly, and some mouboos passing through to pick up tools would flirt with him. blue used to sneak looks at him while he was working. he was so pretty, but every time he tried to work up the courage to talk to him, he started to feel nauseous.

when blue couldn't spy on pink he used to scheme about how to get somewhere with him. he had never really said more than two words to him, but he was sure (what a silly mouboo!) that he was head-over-heels in love with him. he would dream about them being together. pink was the cutest mouboo he had ever seen, and he couldn't imagine life without him!

every day after work blue would trot home, passing pink's home. sometimes the sight was too much for blue to take, and he would hide behind some palm trees and cry to himself. at home his mom would ask him how his day was, and blue would say 'it was great, thanks mom', and act like nothing was wrong. then he would eat his cherry cake and go off to his room. his mom didn't believe him. sometimes i wonder how smart mouboos can have such foolish children. sometimes i wonder.

to all of this, pink was completely oblivious. he hated working in the hardware store, and would daydream (how do they work with all this daydreaming?!) about celebrity mouboos. he found it hard to pick a favourite, but when his friends pressed him, he chose albert, the star hitter of tulimshar's baseball team. he had biceps like a yeti and his fur glittered a bright and alluring pink. what i am trying to say here is that he had really not noticed the quiet shy clumsy mouboo who lurked around the back of the shelves glancing at him with his heart racing.

now, who can tell how long this nothingness might have dragged on for. i can't! perhaps blue would have left for college - his mom would have been secretly a little pleased to see him go, for one. perhaps pink would have quit his lousy job and moved to hurnscald. they might have drifted apart, leaving us with no story and nothing more than a faint smudge on the windowpane of history.

maybe nothing would have happened, were it not for a random happenstance that planted a wild idea in blue's giant mouboo skull - one which he just could not shake!

it was just another day in the hardware store - although pink was not working. the other mouboo who worked the counter (not a cute boy mouboo and therefore not important to this story) was busy with a customer. blue was stocking the hammer and chisels section, near the front of the store, when suddenly a customer approached him.

'hey buddy, you mind giving me a hand? i need a couple things.' blue said no problem, and using his well-honed knowledge of the store, showed the mouboo around. he was picking up a jigsaw and some other bits and pieces.

blue was curious - usually customers didn't come in buying so much stuff all at once. as he led the mouboo to his last request, he turned and asked, if he didn't mind sir, what he was going to make?

and the mouboo replied that he was helping his baseball team put together a float for the midwinter festival. blue nodded, and it was only later, after the customer had left, and he was back to stocking shelves and daydreaming about pink, that the idea began to take shape in his mind...

the midwinter festival was one of the big highlights of the year. mouboos from all over the mana world would come to join in the festivities. there were flagons of mouboo beer, racks of candied fire goblins, beach-races and much more. but more than anything else, there was the float parade. at 2 o'clock on the last day of the festival, they organised a parade of floats down the main street. anyone could enter a float if they wanted to - the usual mainstays were the magic academy, sports teams, clubs. agostine and the nivalis sewing guild always entered a spectacular float - they were usually in competition with lora tay for best float award.

is it a surprise to tell you that blue had decided, in the midst of his daydreaming, to build a float - a float to win pink's heart? that he stuck his claws into his college savings and bought a copy of the illustrated mouboo's guide to making floats, and bought a stack of wood and nails and tools and crepe paper and frilly stuff and hid it all in a rundown old cave down in snake desert? no, i don't think it would surprise you.

perhaps it would surprise you to know that this year, there was a special prize for the winner of the best float competition. and what was this special prize? oh i am so excited even thinking about it! look at how excited i am! it was...

a special date with albert, star-hitter of the tulimshar baseball team.

wow. isn't that exciting?

blue worked and worked, so hard that his mom barely saw him. she was so confused that she thought that maybe blue had gotten a girlfriend. honestly he was a little too dopey to pull, but she was so hopeful that she suspended her commonsense. even smart mouboos can be silly if they try hard enough, i suppose. anyway, the moral of the story is that she didn't ask any questions and only smiled behind his back and drew lovehearts and lots of exclamation points in her diary.

the weeks passed quickly, blue caught in a daze of working at the store and on his secret project. sometimes he became so involved and focussed on his plan that long stretches of time would pass without him thinking even one wistful thought about pink - i am talking maybe five minutes here, which is a long time for a young wistful mouboo!

and with every week the festival grew closer, and tulimshar grew more excited. the old wizard grew too excited, and had a heart attack, but he was pretty old, and smelled funny, so no one was too sad. how could they be sad, with midwinter only days away? already they could taste the sweetness of candied fire goblins on their tongues, hear the laughter as mouboos challenged each other in the silliest smiley competition. it was coming sooner every day!

and now, i have to say, i am too excited to draw out the wait any longer. the day came. blue stood in his cave and stared at his creation. his eyes widened, the fur on the back of his neck stood up, and he whispered ever so quietly to himself...


a small part of him had been expecting to fail. he had thought his plan was too ambitious. that he was too clumsy and dopey to pull it off. well lucky for him, and us, he was completely wrong. one hundred percent. it was amazing.

blue shook himself from his reverie. one can only spend so much time congratulating oneself when there is only... one hour?! one hour! oh crud!

let me repeat that: oh crud!

blue had let time slip through his fingers. the cave was far away from the parade. was there enough time to make it? even from so far away, blue could hear the shouts and laughter of the crowd. his fur paled and he gulped. i'll do my best, he thought.

the main street of tulimshar was glowing and buzzing. crowds of mouboos thronged the sidewalks, eagerly bustling and jostling for a view of the parade. you might ask why they didn't just climb the rooftops for a better look, and that is a pretty decent question. the answer is that mouboos do not climb very well at all when they are drunk. and i must mention that every single mouboo that day was drunk - even the children. this is called a cultural difference, in mouboo culture it is quite okay and even encouraged for children of all ages to get drunk off their paws.

at precisely two o'clock, the town bell chimed and the crowd suddenly hushed. everyone was trembling with excitement. a cheer rose up from all the mouboos as the first float appeared. this was it! the floats were as wonderful as always - everyone agreed that they were the best floats they had ever seen. at least, i think this is what they were saying.

there were secret caves, night skies, giant flagons of beer, and many others. someome even entered a float of albert, star-hitter of the tulimshar baseball team! admittedly, it was not very well made, but it was charming. the parade continued. slowly the floats dwindled until the very last were passing. everyone was very happy with the quality of the floats, and, as mentioned, very drunk.

but wait? had blue made it? had he been beneath one of those wonderful floats? was he the one peddling the big christmas decoration? or the mysterious snowman? was his amazing creation the albert float, perhaps? i am very worried - so worried i am not sure if i can one hundred percent feel good about the parade until i find out. did blue make it?

but remember, there was a competition for the best float at stake here. and you remember the prize, i hope? the results were to be called by elanore, near the small pond by the gates.

the crowd strolled happily down the street towards the pond. soon the whole place was jam-packed with mouboos of all shapes and sizes. elanore stood on a podium, and beside her were the many floats of the parade.

the crowd waited with baited breath as the winners were announced, and asked to come up to the podium to receive their prizes.

'in third place,' elanore shouted, 'is... nivalis sewing guild!' the crowd cheered (and lora tay booed, naturally) as agostine walked up to the podium to receive his ribbon (he tried hard not to show how disappointed he was about only getting third).

second place went to a large scene of mouboos chasing adventurers in the mountains. the mouboo that went up to receive the ribbon? it wasn't blue, not by a long shot.

the crowd went silent. the air tingled. elanore puffed herself up...

'my good mouboos of tulimshar, let me hold you in suspense no longer! the grand winner of this year's float competition... is the creator of... the 17th century graveyard inn ball float!'

the crowd roared! who was it? everyone turned and searched, peering for the winner. who was it?

a mouboo climbed up on to the podium.

was it blue?


it was a mouboo from candor, much smaller and younger than blue. was our hero too late after all? was his hard work all in vain?

elanore smiled down at the little candorian mouboo.

'well done, girl. you earned this!'

an aide, aidan, handed her the first-place ribbon. is this little mouboo going to get the date with albert, the handsome and mysterious star-hitter of tulimshar's baseball team? is this it for blue and pink?

heck no!

just as elanore was about to give the ribbon to the little mouboo, the sky began to rumble. elanore paused, and all mouboos peered up, craning their mouboo necks to see what (not) on earth was up in the sky.

the first they saw of it was a speck. then the speck began to glow. was something burning? what the heck was going on? what is this unexpected twist???

it grew and grew and the rumble turned into a roar and the roar into a howl. fire spewed out of its mouth as it loomed larger and larger, directly over the podium.

no one had any idea what was going on. they stood there dumbstruck until it occurred to someone that they were standing directly beneath a giant ball of flame crashing to earth. one moment everyone was still, and the next...

some tried galloping, smashing into nearby market stands. unfortunately no one bothered to agree on one direction to gallop in. soon tulimshar was swarming with drunken, bewildered mouboos. many of the float-owners had dived for their creations, desperate to save them, and were peddling frantically out through the gates. it is a shame that floats do not go very fast at all, no matter how frantically you peddle.

the burning thing grew larger and larger, and if anyone was sober enough at this point to remember why they were fleeing in terror, they would have lost their breakfast as they realised that the thing was about to touch down and crush the town.

but then, as if by some unknown magic, the burning stopped. one minute it was an inferno above the town, and the next instant, as if someone had turned off the gas, the fire was gone. all the mouboos were far too drunk at this point to notice, but still... it was pretty surprising.

gently, like a leaf landing on a pond, the giant thing landed near the pond.

it was a rocketship. as tall as a mountain and as wide as a river, and covered from head to toe with blue and pink crepe paper.

a door open and a gangway swung down, and who should peer out into the haze but... blue.

he walked gently down the stairs.

'where is everybody?' blue wondered. 'did i make it on time?'

blue turned and looked around him. completely empty. the float-peddlers had all managed to squeeze out just in time.

all... except one. on the far side of the rocketship, blue spotted a black shape crushed beneath one of the boosters. he rushed over. it was the float of albert - remember, the not-very-good one? blue stood over the broken float. suddenly, he heard a cough.

'what have i done?!' blue cried out. he pulled away the broken crepe paper, frantically, his heart beating at the thought that someone lay hurt beneath his rocket.

suddenly, there was a flash of colour beneath the black. it was pink. blue pulled twice as fast, digging him out.

'pink! don't worry, i'm coming!'

he gently pulled pink out of the wreckage, his eyes fluttered and he coughed and mouthed words, as if he were sleeping.

'oh pink! please wake up!' blue lay him down on the ground and buried his head in his fur.

slowly pink came round. when he opened his eyes, blue was staring intently down at him, hope trembling on his face.

'pink! are you okay?' he cried.

pink blinked at him and slowly creased his brow.

'do... do i know you?'

blue was dumbstruck. then he realised that he had never really introduced himself to pink before. he had never managed to work up the courage.

well, he had the courage now. if a mouboo doesn't have the courage after emerging from a gigantic goddamn rocketship, really, when does he?

'i'm blue. i work at the same store as you.'

pink's face softened into recognition.

'oh... oh yeah. you're kinda... weird.'

'i'm sorry. are you okay?'

'my paw hurts... but not too bad.' pink looked at his float and cried out.

'i'm sorry, pink. i didn't mean to wreck your float!' blue felt awful. poor guy.

'you wrecked it? wait... huh?'

blue swallowed. 'yeah... it was my giant rocketship. i wanted to win the float competition for you. i guess it was kinda stupid of me to land a giant rocketship here.'

pink stared at blue. 'kinda stupid. always kinda... weird.'

blue hung his head down. his long ears laying flat against the ground. pink kept looking at him. 'but you know, it was also kinda sweet.'


'yeah. but hey, just so you know, you don't need a giant rocketship to tell someone you like them.'

blue began to laugh. slowly, pink joined in with him.

soon enough, they were joined by elanore.

'what the flaming fire skull happened here...' whispered elanore, to no one in particular. pink looked up at blue.

'you better tell her.'

so blue went over to elanore and told her the whole story. and at first she was really angry, but before long the absurdity grew too much for her, and she began to laugh too.

'so you wanted the first prize? well you must really want a date with that player! okay lad, i think you earned it.' and elanore passed the first prize ribbon to blue.

blue looked down at the ribbon. happy! very happy! he had done it! then he looked back at pink, sitting by his broken albert float.

he walked over to him, and held the ribbon out.

'here. i think you'll enjoy this more than me.'

pink took the ribbon and let out a squeal. albert! he gave blue a hug - forgetting his sore paw and letting out a yelp of pain.

so, what happened next? well, you might be wondering how all the people felt about their town being half destroyed by rampaging mouboos. i admit, they were a bit angry at first. but eventually they agreed that these things do happen every so often when mouboos consume large quantities of alcohol. and they had to admit, it was pretty funny when you thought about it. and what about that giant rocketship!

pink had a lovely date with albert. but in the end when he met the legend in person, it took away some of the shine. he was okay... but he could also be kind of a douche.

and blue? his mom grounded him for a month. but he did get a promotion at the hardware store - everyone agreed he obviously knew his beltsanders from his nailguns.

and the first day after his grounding was over? he took pink for a date.

last i heard, he was building a rocket - a smaller one, just big enough for two mouboos to cuddle in.
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Just one word: WOW
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It's not what I was thinking of....rather disappointed...
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Well, I thought it was amazing and cute and heartwarming. Thanks for dredging it up from the vault ;P
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