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#4690943 Jul 23, 2011 at 08:10 AM
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Post here your Poems!
when we have enough, we can hold an event. :D
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Poem about Poems

Poem is making the words dance
Words become music and glance
Over lovers under a starry night
Whose eyes glisten under Moonlight

No matter the grammar
If words beat in rhythm
Find an order with them
As on anvil strikes the hammer

No matter the spelling
Just say something sparkling
If not, how could CrazyKatiektch
Say her love to glamourous Gliktch?

True be or not true be
That's not the question
And rhyming is not too
If you don't like to
Share your mind is your mission
Whatever inside can be

Don't be shy, you are nice
From your mind, break the ice
Whatever your idea
It's the good one and, ahem!
That makes everybody
Able to write a poem

#4693685 Jul 23, 2011 at 11:39 PM
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Ô Mana

Ô Mana, I take the boat to travel over the sea just to seek you.
Ô Mana, How can I become this hero? What do you want from me in this world of sadness?
Ô Mana, Is it the key to finding the way trough battles after battles to get the knowledge or something else?
Ô Mana, Please hear me, tell me how to be stronger and show me the way.
Ô Mana, I just want to take a pause and look around to meet if there are nice and wonderful people around me.
Ô Mana, Perhaps could I find my path trough out this world where I could fight hand in hand with friends.
Ô Mana, Town to town, I found him, he passed across my way and became my best friend and husband
Ô Mana, We haunted, shared and we crossed the woodland.
Ô Mana, He gave me confidence, I feel my fears are less.
Ô Mana. Together, We can help and protect others from the shadow of the darkness.
Ô Mana, Now I get the courage to continue until the end.
Ô Mana, In fact, it is through you that we can find friendship to do ManaWorld!

Johanne Laliberté
Johanne Laliberté
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