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This is a SPOILER! If you enjoy figuring the game out without help, then do not read on. You have been warned.
This is an opinion! If you have a better plan, Awesome! Post it!

First. you must have a level 40 char.
The wonderful shortcuts for lower level chars have been removed.

1 lifestone (ONLY ONE!)
30 Dark Crystals (Technically it has been done with only 2. but you should take at least 30; the more, the better)
50 Bottles of Water (again, can be done with only a couple. but 50 should be safe; more is better)

[Optional Supplies]:
Pearl (not recommended; too expensive to spend on this)
Concentration Potion
Slow Poison Potion (I have had good results with these)
Iron Potion (most likely to kill you under the new code)
Magic items for attacking Xakelbael (player, not monster)

I recommend having magic to make sure you can hit Xakelbael.

[Collect Eggs]
First, collect at least 20 Dark Easter Eggs from the labeled items around town. It is possible to collect over 150 eggs (worth 500 ea) with each char.

[Dark Rose]
Take the eggs to Old Woman in the west of Hurnscald. Talk to her a few times and she will give you a Black Rose (tricks to keep the rose have also been removed; you will lose the rose).

When you recieve the Rose, your spawn location changes to a new world created just for the quest. When you die, your rose will crumble into a Dark Petal (DO NOT LOSE OR GIVE AWAY THE PETAL!). I hope you grabbed your supplies already because you are stuck here until you give up or complete the quest. This little island you find yourself on is important. let's call it Lone Rock Island.

There are 4 Doctor locations that must be completed for all quest items. the closest is the hardest. The first time you talk to him he will introduce himself. Talk to him again.

[Doctor Brew]
Just to the east, the doctor is trying to make a special lens to see the evil that affects this world. He will ask for your help.
If he says that there is a presence nearby, add slow poison.
If he says that's the mix were looking for, but not enough, wait a moment.
Other than those 2 suggestions, just keep adding water until he grins and you're done. You also receive 150,000 exp.
There is a special item at this location called Flawed lens. The lens is obtainable, but the concoction for it has not been disclosed yet.

[Doctor Dark Item]
Go South, then West. you will find the Doctor again next to a pile of rocks. he will ask you for a dark item. Give him a dark crystal (or powder from Wisp, Poltergeist, or Spectre). Do not give him your dark petal!

[Doctor Lifestone]
Go West southwest and find the Doctor next to a large tree. (note: after completing two locations, the Doctor will give you Heart Glasses. It does not matter which two you have completed)
The doctor will ask you about your lifestone, tell him that Elanore made it for you. Then say "yeah, whatever" to give it to him. Then say "That was the last one I had, I'm glad it helped." Then he will pay you with a Strange coin. If you had more than one lifestone with you, then you still complete this location without the coin.

[Doctor Dialog]
Explore north until you find the Doctor again. He has a long dialog about what is going on. the correct answers go something like this:
"The orbs of light..."
"Now that you mention it..."
"Strange Behaviour..."
"Even the 'good' practicioners..."
The last dialog is random. you may or may not have a correct answer to give. the two correct answers are:
"There is an Intermittent, evil presence..."
"Something, or someone, perhaps, walks this world,..."

[Xakelbael the Dark]
The devs have created and control a special "boss" monster. You must hit the monster several times and if you die return to the fight; if you do not return to the fight, you will not have "completed" this task. It will take several high-level players to kill the monster unless the dev allows you to kill him.
Use "q" instead of "a" or "x" to target him because he is a player, not a monster.
(The /follow command in 4144 clients is very useful to try and keep up with him. Keep pressing your attack key.)
He has special weapons and powers to use against you. Have Fun! This is a game!
Without mages to use lightening attack, it is not likely to kill Xak. You do not have to be the one that kills him, but he must die.
After Xak dies, you will need to wait. It could take a couple minutes. Then a Dialog will appear giving you the spell #alonzialonzo so that you can leave (no magic required). This spell will not work until you have completed at least 3 Doctor locations and hit Xak. In the new world, the spell only works on Lone Rock Island. In the Home world, it works anywhere.

[Old Woman]
Visit with the Old Woman again and she will give you White Rabbit Ears (These are dyeable) and an Eggshell Helmet.

[Pay it forward]
You may now use the spell to go between the worlds and help other players complete the quest.

[Previous shortcuts]
There were several shortcuts used to circumvent required parts of the quest. Most of these have been fixed.
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