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1) How does the Clan help me?

The clan gives you help and / or supports you in leveling up, we asset in quests etc. ... It also allows you to meet other players who can speak your same language and help you speak to those who don't.

2) Is the clan free to join?

Yes, completely. But we accept in-game donations.

3) Does the clan do events?

Yes, check each week, there will be quizzes, mini events, and large events for Holidays.

4) How do I join the Clan?

To join send us a private message or just talk to us in the game. All memberships must be approved by the high ranked members of clan.

5) What should I do to become a member?

Nothing, except agree to the rules. Also do not ruin the reputation of the clan.

6) What do I need to become a member?

The uniform is a Bandana (about 15k on the market), Jack O drops at a rate of 4% . if you wish to become a "normal member" get one. (Optional, of course).

7) Who are the 'Corsairs'?

They are the best clan in a given section and / or those who contribute enormously to the clan.

8 ) How do I become a Corsair?

To become a pirate, you must be your best and / or help to continue the clan (View forum)

9) Where do I start?

Send us a private message or come see us in the game
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