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Re: Alacrius' Riddle Quest

Here are examples of how to locate the directionals (NW, NE, SW, SE, S) needed to light the candlesticks in the Terogan Chamber in order to get to the Ruined Swamp. The directionals are different for every account, but remain the same for all the characters in an account. Both left and right side examples are included, but you only need to figure out the six directionals of one side for it to work.

Terogan's Chamber

Left Side

Example: Left Side, Clue 1 (NE)

Example: Left Side, Clue 2 (SE)

Example: Left Side, Clue 3 (S)

Example: Left Side, Clue 4 (SW)

Example: Left Side, Clue 5 (SE)

Example: Left Side, Clue 6 (NE)

Right Side

Example: Right Side, Clue 1 (S)

Example: Right Side, Clue 2 (SE)

Example: Right Side, Clue 3 (NW)

Example: Right Side, Clue 4 (SW)

Example: Right Side, Clue 5 (SE)

Example: Right Side, Clue 6 (NE)
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In addition, you can set up the #reapercry spell in advance, and add it to Shortcuts for quick and easy access. Be sure to edit the spell, so it reads like this:

When casting the spell, stand close to the corresponding candlestick for it to work.
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