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#14476435 Dec 29, 2020 at 12:52 PM
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I'm wanting to do a few skits, and using Manaworld to do them. I thought it would be a good idea to have some funny stuff that we could make a screencast of, using a script (not a coder script, but a skit script). Then we could make a comedy series. A short video series, where there is background music (manaworld style), and speech bubbles used. The speech bubbles would help our deaf users to enjoy it equally with our hearing users, and they could have a laugh.

Is anyone interested in doing this? I'm looking for interest first, and then specifics later. I've attached a poll, if anyone thinks it is a good idea. If there is no interest, I'll do one on my own, but I thought it would be good considering we already have a crew.
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#14476705 Dec 30, 2020 at 05:08 AM
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It was correctly brought to my attention that "being part of it" was a little vague. So here's a rough idea of what I mean, and things that need to be addressed:


The goal of this venture is twofold. Maybe even more now I think of it. They are:
  • Make people laugh
  • Make The Manaworld more widely known
  • Fun - an opportunity to post that silly joke that you so love, even if not many others do
  • A lighter side of life in-game, so that we can all get along despite our differences and disagreements
Is this something you would like to be part of?

Not for profit
This will not be meant as a commercial endeavour, but if by some way the idea grows substantially, it may allow for advertising. I'm not sure yet. I'm just reflecting on how other things have gone.

It is still undecided on the way it is to be managed. At present, it is an idea by one person - me. This could become some form of small body of people, especially if there are contributors willing to be involved in it. I'd like to hear some ideas if you're interested.

An agreed format needs to be introduced. That way, the video series can continually be added to by newer members as others either lose interest, or have other commitments. This should be a fun, in-game thing, and many should be able to add their movies. That means that a specified format is necessary so that there are no arguments, nor breaches by mistake of what is contained in the videos. For instance, a place to "shoot" the video. How to shoot without other players interfering, and how to do it without upsetting other players.

The series will need a 5 second musical intro. Additionally, some quiet background music will be played throughout each series.

What is needed for this section is your ideas, and if you want to provide something for it. Your contribution credits for music will be posted at the end of each video series if you want it. You will have to look at the licensing arrangements of TMW though to confirm that it is suitable to your choices (I mean like copyright).

If there are no offers presented, I will create some. It is not an issue, but is presented if you are interested in this part of it.

Title Page
Okay, so I'm not savvy with terminology. The intro to the video will need a title page, and this means we will need a name for the video series. It isn't necessary to have a name for each video, as we will use a number sequence, and maybe a series.

Skits will be needed. So if you have a funny idea, be free to offer it. It will need to be looked over, only to ensure they don't contain discriminatory content, or other issues that may breach TMW and guild policies. These are meant to be short skits, and not a full series. Maybe "Manamovie" is a misnomer. So they could go from about 15 seconds through to 15 minutes. A specific list of acceptable content will be made, along with unacceptable.

As this video will involve speech bubbles, it might be good to have a CC added in other languages. For instance, over the years, there have been a large number of players from Brazil, so Brazilian Portuguese would be one of the languages that would be healthy to translate it into. This isn't a big job, but although the subtitles can be done through a translation engine, it would be better for a native speaker to do it, or even just to correct it after it is added.

Ideas for which platform/s to present it on would be helpful. For instance, a lot of people use YouTube, and this is fine, but there are others too, and having all eggs in one basket is not good. The goal of this is to make the general public enjoy and know about The Manaworld.

This list is not exhaustive, and that is why it is added on here.

- Lover of spiritual things. Let's talk about the scriptures, and the great hope for the future!😃
#14484751 Jan 13, 2021 at 10:39 AM
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Whoops. I should have put an end date on this poll.

It is 14 days since it was posted, so it is good enough for me to close and make a decision of what to do. :)
- Lover of spiritual things. Let's talk about the scriptures, and the great hope for the future!😃
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