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#14441010 Oct 25, 2020 at 02:04 PM · Edited 6 months ago
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Hello! Since this is going to be asked several times and a lot of people is asking for advice in the final battle, I decided to add a thread with a bit of general guidelines for the final battle/info:

- Experience
- 50k GP split among the group
- Boss points
- Blue Flower(ONLY 1 per account, and ONLY the TOP score player who hasn't obtained it yet and makes it to the end of the final battle will get it), exchangeable for 1 of 3 very OP items: Overlord's Helmet, Dark Talisman, Prsm's Aura

* Only 1 prize is permitted per person/player, regardless of the number of Blue Flowers you may get from using multiple accounts. So if you get additional Blue Flowers, you can pass them on to others, or feel free to donate them to CRC for distribution to crew members.

- Inma cannot be cast, so bring your chicken legs and alternatives since you WILL need them
- Boss is only vulnerable while it's raining, so make sure you have a mage and that he knows about #kaflosh, otherwise you will miss every hit.
- There are various stages, in all of them the boss will be staticly in the center(sometimes he will disappear intermitently) and waves will spawn continuosly (based on a timer).
- To progress through stages, Boss needs to be dealt damage you'll know you beat it when you get some boss points.
- This boss fight has two areas, let's call them Arena and Green Area. Arena is where you start the boss fight and the only place where you can damage the boss. If you die while in the Arena you will be sent to Green area, which is a recolor of the Arena(and has less monsters). IF YOU DIE IN GREEN AREA YOUR PETAL WILL BE CONSUMED, IF THAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN I STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO DC.
- If you are on the Green Area when the boss battle is complete you will get the rewards(yay! you did it!) and will be eligible for Blue Rose. This is basically a 2nd chance area, but you won't be able to damage the main boss anymore.
- I strongly recommend to set to ignore "V0id Mouboo" and "V0id Flower".
- Warriors should focus the boss and help archers deal with boss's archers. Archers should try and both clean the ads efficiently(Bats/snakes are easy work for them) while damagin the boss as well. Mages should pay attention to keep the area with #kaflosh, I guess focus the boss as well. Runners should wait on stages #1,#2 cause they will be really helpful later.
- Player score will be mainly determined by damage done on both maps

Spoilers(kept to a minimum while giving tips for boss) below and more specific information for the:

#####BOSS FIGHT#####

THIS BOSS FIGHT IS A DPS RACE. YOU WANT TO ALWAYS 100% NUKE THE BOSS WHEN YOU CAN, otherwise waves will keep spawning.

- STAGE #1
20k HP

You will see V0id flowers and other small V0id creatures spawn.If you attack V0id flowers you are very likely to die. They are also the natural Counter-measure to Runner players, and will kill them very fast.

What you want to do is kill Bats/snakes(so they don't pile up) and then just nuke the boss. This stage is rather short and boss appears and disappears intermitently, so you have the time to clean it up. You should not die on this one except if you accidentally attack a flower

- STAGE #2
40k -60kHP

Here you must begin using #kaflosh, otherwise he will be invulnerable.

I have no idea what really happens in this one, as we just skipped it by pure DPS. The boss takes a LONG time making a speech alone, during which he is vulnerable, so he is quite vulnerable to being focused by literally the whole raid and taken down.

In case you happen to not have enough DPS waves of monsters will begin spawning, as normal.(no flowers, so your runner can distract them)

- STAGE #3
130k -150kHP
(shouldn't need to kaflosh anymore, also no void flowers)
This is like stage 2, but much with much more hp and extra Area of Effect attacks that the boss will use. One of them will make everyone instantly poisoned(and thus barely healing) so I strongly recommend bringing Poison Resist potions.

Another thing is that this stage takes long, so it's likely that you'll see some of the later waves which spawn tough monsters(golems, assassins, sasquatches,tengu ). In this stage a good runner can distract all these so that the dps can focus on boss.

Once you beat the last stage, all monsters from the waves will despawn, and you'll be awarded with the credits of the game :D and foreshadowing of future events.

After cutscenes when you talk to the ship("Gema III" I think) you will be back to Hurnscald, and the Top Player will receive the Blue Rose.

*Edited by Rill on 10/27/2020. (Thank you again, Xarxax!)

#14442183 Oct 27, 2020 at 07:47 PM
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During the second stage arena you can save your petal by just changing characters without the need of relogging or reopening the game client.

Watch out on what boss says:
- "Fourth Fall": you will lose all the mana
- "Bliss of Ob(livio)n": you will get poisoned very bad. No matter the resist poison skill you will likely to die without a poison resist potion.

I wasn't able to learn something more to add to guide. Sorry.
#14442221 Oct 27, 2020 at 10:24 PM · Edited 6 months ago
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Start with these steps to get to the where the action is:

1.) Get a Black Rose from the chest next to the Old Woman in Hurnscald (only once every 24 hours).

2.) Go outside the main square of Hurnscald, and either: a.) die (bees are usually quick); or b.) cast this spell: #alonsialonso

3.) If neither work, go into the Hurnscald store, click on Selim, select “Can you change my appearance”, then “Change my species”, and click Talpan. Then try 2.) again.

4.) You will be warped inside a building (Keshlam's Adventurer Guild).

5.) Click on Social (Key f11), then Nav tab, then [To Room] 119 114. This will bring you to an anteroom that leads to the main battle area.

For additional information, click on TMW Forums link.

Good luck to everyone!
#14442448 Oct 28, 2020 at 09:45 AM
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During the last fight I've been under the effect of "Midas' Greed" and died to the 2nd stage but I don't know exactly what happened.
#14445028 Nov 02, 2020 at 03:20 AM · Edited 6 months ago
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Please take note that the last day to get a Blue Rose from Zax for one of the three prizes is November 2nd!
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