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First, thanks goes out to Matto, Rikki, Hello=) and PiNG0 for discussion of the plan (there might be an idea from Jesu in here too. . .). I don't care to sort out who suggested what, and I don't want to be blamed for stealing any ideas; so all the good ideas theirs and all the bad ones are mine. (and if I forgot any of their good ideas it's also my bad) Good?
(also I'm writing in an assertive voice because it's easier; everything I'm saying is only a suggestion, y'all can do or not do whatever you want, and please tell me if the plan sucks. . .)

Moving on then, the maze invasion will happen in two phases:
In Phase 1 (entry phase) we will clear out a very small portion of the maze to use as a base of operations, then expand that safe zone slightly.
In Phase 2 (exploration phase) we will split into up to four groups (depending on number of players and class distribution etc.) to explore different parts of the maze.

Maze diagram link

Phase 1a:
All high level Warriors present will die with a [black rose] in their inventory at the same time (perhaps turn pvp on and have a mage #ingrav them?). If our current understanding is correct they should spawn in the yellow region of the attached diagram.
They may or may not spawn with full health, so they should be prepared with a large healing item just in case.
The objective of Phase 1a is to secure the pink area highlighted in the diagram. AND NOTHING ELSE.
Once the pink area is reasonably secure (all mobs are aggro'd to someone) a designated Warrior will whisper the point person on the outside, and the Archers and Mages may warp in.
While the area should be secure by this point, Mages and Archers should consider at least wearing the Savior Armor. If you revive with half health while wearing the armor, then remove the armor, you should be at full health.

Phase 1b:
The objective of Phase 1b is to secure the area highlighted green in the diagram.
The designated Warrior will try to aggro one or two mobs from the green area and bring them to the pink area where everyone will obliterate them.
When all the mobs in the green area have been encouraged to peacefully surrender. . . we will move on to Phase 2.

Phase 2:
The objective of Phase 2 is to explore the maze, open the unique chests, and search for any signs of Zax'De'Kagen (hope I spelled that right).
The hallways are very narrow, so in order to cover the most ground we will split into groups.
A group should consist of at minimum: 2+ Warriors, some Archers, at least one healer (Mage).
Everyone should proceed slowly and carefully and not aggro too many mobs at once, otherwise you will kill your group.

Each group should decide on the following:
Leader: who decides direction to go? (could also be majority rule/consensus/anarchy. . .)
Aggro'er: who will pull the mobs carefully?
Drop allocation: who should get a rare if you find one?
Chest allocation: who will open any chests you find? (each chest can only be opened once EVER (afaik) so choose carefully. . . Also don't be surprised if the chest is not that great, so be kind to the newbs)

The 4 directions marked on the diagram should be able to explore for a while without bumping into each other.

Misc. notes
Mages should concentrate on keeping their group alive. Note that it is possible to set a shortcut for a specific player (ex '#inma rill') you would want to heal often.
Forming a party for each group would be useful as it allows all party members (including your Mage) to see your current hp (and current location).
Warriors should stand in front of Archers who should stand in front of Mages (duh.)

Details to sort out:
Designated Warrior and outside person for Phase 1.
Groups/parties could be formed before or after Phase 1.

There's something I forgot to say, but it's 3am, so I'll just try to forget that I forgot it.

Thoughts? criticism? Maze raid at 18:00 today yo!
#14373131 Jun 13, 2020 at 07:26 AM
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I remembered the thing I forgot! When you come to a fork in your path, you'll want to clear a little bit from both branches to avoid a mob surprising you from behind. You might want to decide who will guard east-branches and west-branches ahead of time.
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Thank you for starting this thread, Aueda. But the link does not seem to be working. When I clicked on it, I got this message:

403. That’s an error.

Your client does not have permission to get URL /Qk_ZHSVRGS91FgKNJM8blJJPH8C1UN4fA8tNJCruW-zz3cIz4s9l_nops01yjrfOkoJbf1Sg8DsTUw=w825-h960-rw from this server. (Client IP address:

Forbidden That’s all we know.
#14373313 Jun 13, 2020 at 02:05 PM
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^^ this link should work better?
Also, maybe we should write down the coordinates of any chests we the next group to attempt this will know which chests were opened.
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maybe we should do a discord planning session?
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#14373316 Quillia wrote:


link !?!

Thank you. The link works now and has been added to the first post as "Maze diagram link".
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