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Useful tips for PvP from CRC Captain Travolta, Ret., in a post dated February 1, 2016:

#12018542 Travolta wrote:

Dunno if we'll be able to practice, but here are some useful tips. Set up your yellow bar to not attack friends, or attack only enemies (it's the toggle pvp setting in yellow bar, or the 8th line in Settings => Quick). Make sure you use the best equipment you can. If you are archer, it's terra arrows and potions, and maybe armor. Forget about healing with lifestones, use the best healing (large+medium potions, chicken legs).

If you play against the mage, cast #asorm protection (even if you are archer). If you play AGAINST archer, you probably need a good armor, and be prepared to run away and hide behind corners (so you can heal while archer repositions himself).

Targeting and attacking your enemy ASAP is important. You can either set up a /targetattack <PlayerName> command key, but it's bad and confusing if you have many enemies. q+x could be just not fast enough. Another way to do it is set up the key to target & attack the closest player (Settings => Input => Basic => Target & Attackk closest player (3rd line)). (the key does the same thing as /atkhuman command). To make it work properly, you want to disable "Cycle player targets" in settings => Misc. This command honors yellow bar pvp settings, so if a friend is close, and enemy is far, you will still attack the enemy.

To make a command key (for example /targetattack Trav), press "J" to open commands window, rightclick on an empty slot => Edit. Choose [*] Other, then enter that command in the corresponding field. You must chose "No target" for this one. Now open shortcuts window (F8), and drag & drop your new command from commands window to shortcuts window.

If you can heal, you should know about efficient ways of healing. It's /heal <PlayerName> command, also /healmd (this one heals the most injured player nearby). The /healmd can also be found in Settings => Input => Other => Other => Heal the most injured player. Be careful, don't heal an enemy by accident :) If you mark your player as an enemy, you can't heal him or betsanc.

To make somebody an enemy, the chat command /enemy <PlayerName> is available (no need to create shortcuts for this one). Similar commands are /friend (set him friend) and /neutral. Don't erase or nuke an enemy by accident, you won't be able to attack him.
#14371787 Jun 11, 2020 at 02:33 AM
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Another important thing is that before fighting a player (or questing hard whatever) you should fight lag issues first.

  • Before starting using ManaPlus close unnecessary programs on your device or even better reboot it.
  • Check network latency using the ping command or some speed test utilities online
  • Ensure you aren't sharing your connection with bandwidth hungry devices (no P2P, HD streaming and so on...)
  • On mobile wireless network (tethering, LTE modems and so on...) try not to use the latest generation network (like the 4G or 5G) since some operators may force your device to a previous generation cell network hand-over if you receive a call. Crappy italian providers usually do so. Eventually try latency with every network mode at your disposition.
  • You have an older PC? Lower your resolution, increase FPS limit a bit if you have it and enable all performance increasing options. To revert back on older everyday setting you can copy the backup configuration file on the actual one (ManaPlus creates up to 5 backup configuration files)
  • Rural areas far from town centers or network backbones, old phone cables or severe user density network area. You can only hope that during the event there are not so many people online in your area or you can try to convince to move event to a less crowded hour.

I hope those tips may help you, good luck you all!

Dammit, I suck at PvP.
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