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#14366288 May 31, 2020 at 04:39 PM
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This video seemed highly relevant and funny, so I thought I'd share.
CGP Grey - How to be a Pirate

Someone recently complained that the guild's not getting along as well as the good old days of a year ago. . . Maybe we could share our favorite pirate videos for some light conversation?

also good:
Ballad of Mad cap'n Tom Part 1 and Part 2
#14369990 Jun 07, 2020 at 10:49 AM
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The first one is coole xD
Princess of the Cookie Kingdom🍪🍪🍪
#14388880 Jul 12, 2020 at 10:14 PM
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Differences between pirates and corsairs are slightly different.

Very short description:

Pirates: Rude lawless and stinky thieves that assault whatever floats with valuables for their own sake.

Corsairs: Pirates or even privateers that are under a country where loots will go auction. Usually they are not allowed to seize entire ships.

Wikipedia docet:

Back in those days life weren't thrown away for likes on social networks but for wealth and glory despite being cut into pieces or die by betrayal, infections or lack of supplies.

Women in piracy
"No boy or woman to be allowed amongst them."

Despite the pirate articles were clear about it some women defied the rules and tried their luck by getting into piracy (usually by disguising themselves as men). Most of them seemed to be real legends, like those fighting just for revenge, while the ones from the last century are only Chinese slave traders.
And no... You will not find Rill among them not even in fictional/videogame list.

Some nowadays pirates:

The Pirate Bay
Not real piracy: just copying things via P2P network.

Tall Ships in Los Angeles and Southern California
Not from pirates but effectively closer to our captain than us.

Piracy off the coast of Somalia
One of the most famous modern piracy organization of modern days.
They use small and fast boats not the big ones with the Jolly Roger flag.

Despite their look those people are skilled enough to represent a threat even to navy ships sometimes. They contributed to raise gains of some somali towns and insurance companies and even make Italy's toxic waste disappear near their shores.

IMB Piracy Reporting Centre (IMB PRC)
Seems that there are serious effort to mitigate those threats.
Live Piracy map
You may discover that a ship has been boarded right near your home. But those are only the ones that have been told to the PRC (not the CRC, lol).

Past midnight, tired of searching. Hope you have enjoyed it!
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