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#14004770 Mar 31, 2019 at 05:45 AM
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Here is information about certain Item Drops not detailed on TMW Wiki -

Item: Sailor Hat
Source: Thug
Location: Tulimshar Pirate Cave
Drop rate: .05% (1 in 2,000)

Item: Captain's Hat
Source: Grenadier
Location: Tulimshar Pirate Cave
Drop rate: .01% (1 in 10,000)

Item: Underworld Mask
Source: General Razha, Second Boss Quest
Location: Crypt, Sub-Basement Level 2
Drop rate: .02% (1 in 5,000)

Item: Phylactery
Source: General Terogan, Third Boss Quest
Location: Crypt, Sub-Basement Level 3
Drop rate: .02% (1 in 5,000)
#14226389 Oct 12, 2019 at 10:11 AM · Edited over 1 year ago
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Added items to drop lists except for the last two because those were already added.
#14405626 Aug 17, 2020 at 03:49 PM · Edited 12 days ago
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wiki isn't always up to date and things can change. Here's 2 corrections:

SailorHat(.10% | 1000:1)

UnderworldMask(.05% | 2000:1)

Phylactery(.01% | 10000:1)

I can give any info requested here too, but 2 mobs to note in Ruined Swamp:

Doom Golem:
MageRing(.04% | 2500:1), BlackRose(.30% | 333.33:1)

EnchantersAmulet(.02% | 5000:1), BlackRose(.30% | 333.33:1)

Also some rewards go straight to the player rather than landing as a drop and may not even appear as a reward in the mob DB. Killing the Grim Reaper always gives the killer 20 keys and they aren't dropped. There are other drops like this, but are rare and seem to be used on special maps with bosses only, I *think*. I can't find the "Grim Reaper" in the monster DB and can't even find anything like it except the Reaper. This may simply be a reaper with a special name and the 20 key reward added.
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