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#13962305 Feb 10, 2019 at 02:26 PM · Edited 2 years ago
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[02:19] Livio: %%^ means that someone need healing.
[02:19] kirito12321: i am scared...
[02:19] kirito12321: XD
[02:19] Livio: Is a common language we use in the crew.
[02:20] kirito12321: what crew?
[02:20] conradg: crc
[02:20] kirito12321: ...
[02:20] kirito12321: what the f***
[02:20] kirito12321: is so good about crc
[02:20] kirito12321: ?
[02:20] Livio: No.
[02:20] kirito12321: No is your answer?
[02:20] Livio: Yes.
[02:20] kirito12321: i said whats so good about it?
[02:20] kirito12321: why does everyone want to join it
[02:21] Livio: They don't have the colour tv on the boat.
[02:21] kirito12321: THATS WHY!
[02:21] kirito12321: thats a sh***y reason why
[02:23] kirito12321: but whats so good about the crc
[02:23] kirito12321: and no
[02:24] Livio: The good: they serve a good coffee.
[02:24] Livio: The bad: is always cold.
[02:24] kirito12321: ...
[02:24] kirito12321: f***en answer me
[02:24] Livio: I've answered you.
[02:25] kirito12321: why does everyone want to join the crc?
[02:25] Livio: For the free coffee.
[02:25] conradg: free CHOCOLATE as well
#13962308 Feb 10, 2019 at 02:34 PM
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[18:19] Livio: Rift Avis is some kind of immortal pumpkin fighter?
[18:19] Rift Avis: I'm a mysterious pumpkin warrior, yes.
[18:20] Rift Avis: Rejoice, hindu people! New days are coming!
[18:22] Livio: I want a gun!
[18:22] Rift Avis: You need to get to level 95 to get it.
[18:22] Nced: Really?
[18:22] Moebird: no ;)
[18:22] Rift Avis: Yes.
[18:22] Moebird: this game?
[18:23] Polaczyskoo: banshe quest is lvl 90 ?
[18:23] Rift Avis: Yes. There are certain steps you should take to obtain a gun in TMW.
#13962320 Feb 10, 2019 at 03:00 PM
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[17:19] Rikki: Cindy?
[17:20] Livio: Nope. I'm Livio, sorry!
[00:04] Livio: Wait...
[00:04] Rill_: do you need help with any thing?
[00:04] Livio: Cactus drink??? Who the hell drinks catctuses?
[00:04] Rill_: how many do you need?
[00:04] Livio: Bear Grylls?
[00:04] Rill_: Yosemite Sam
[20:06] Livio: Hi Rift!
[20:07] Livio: Hi Rose!
[20:08] Rift Avis: Hellivio.
[20:08] Livio: Hi tree!
[20:08] Livio: Is not here.
[20:08] Rift Avis: Don't frighten the tree!
[20:09] PiNG0: XDDD
#13962327 Feb 10, 2019 at 03:19 PM
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[21:40] Livio: Nice view of the city from here.
[21:40] VladTepes: yeah
[21:40] kirito12321: hey its livio
[21:40] VladTepes: kirito take
[21:40] Livio: I can see a girl taking a shower.
[21:41] kirito12321: omg
[21:41] kirito12321: stop
[21:41] Livio: She forgot to close the window.
[21:41] kirito12321: plz dont say you can see it
[21:41] kirito12321: plz
[21:41] kirito12321: ty
[21:41] Livio: Oh, too bad she got a towel on her.
[21:42] Livio: Maybe she will get dry and teleported somewhere.
[21:42] kirito12321: XD
#13962328 Feb 10, 2019 at 03:20 PM
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[23:20] Hello=): there is witch near entrance... that's a problem
[23:20] Tom Foolery: There be witches here bouts %%N
[23:22] Tom Foolery: %$#@!
[23:22] Hello=): phew witch gone right
[23:23] Tom Foolery: %%N
[23:23] Rill,: Words to live by: avoid mobs on Black Friday
#13964569 Feb 13, 2019 at 10:27 PM
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[20:39] Micksha: good, axe and chopstick added in the first shot right now :) finally the game got two-hand weapons (besides the scythe)
[20:40] Rill_: chopstick weapon?
[20:40] Livio: From chinese restaurant quest?
[21:01] Mordaunt: What is wrong with [Chopstick]?
[21:01] Livio: Nobody use chopstick to fight.
[21:01] Livio: Unless you strive to bring food to your mouth.
#13969822 Feb 21, 2019 at 05:36 PM
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[00:26] Livio: The Tulimshar Pirate Cave... Thug life.
[22:47] Livio: Noo... Again.
[22:47] Livio: Cupid foot is back.
[22:47] Dresden: xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[22:47] DiamondPython: Gumi has magic foot
[22:47] BoxOfShame: I almost got a heart attack...
[22:47] Dresden: LOL
[22:48] BoxOfShame: ...Lord, have mercy...
[22:48] Event Horizon: why?
[22:48] Dresden: X.x~*
[22:49] BoxOfShame: That foot.....My heart.....
[22:49] Event Horizon: foot
[18:34] Jesusalva wonders what LPS stands for
[18:34] Hello=): choice... santa globe
[18:34] ginosuper does as well
[18:34] Livio: Lag Per Second.
[18:34] Nced wonders, too
[18:34] Prsm: kirito12321 are you just talking to annoy?
[18:34] Crew of Red Corsair: just a sec...
[18:34] John H.: xD
[18:34] Nced: Livio %%a
[18:34] Jesusalva: ThHanks Livio
[18:35] Livio: You're welcome!
[18:35] ginosuper: 100 Lag Per Second... yeah sounds about right :P
[18:35] Livio: Reduced to 20 FPS cause heating.
[18:35] kirito12321 wonders what cancer is
[18:35] ginosuper: Ouch
[18:35] mifritscher: replace Lag with loop, then it could be right
[22:49] BoxOfShame is traumatized
[22:50] Dresden puts the lotion on the foot %%_
[22:50] Dresden hides
[22:50] DiamondPython: WOW!
[22:50] Event Horizon: HOL
[22:51] Livio: Can we have a beatiful girl instead of a foot?
[22:51] Dresden: xDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[11:09] PiNG1: there is a cake without ball
[11:10] Livio: Is a standard cake.
[11:10] Livio: The one loved by fluffies.
[11:10] PiNG1: all of them has a ball without this one
[11:10] Livio: Is not a ball but a cherry.
[11:10] PiNG1: well
[11:10] PiNG1: hahaha
#14018681 Apr 06, 2019 at 11:51 PM
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Re: Groovy Hat

[21:09] Livio: Defense +13?!? Is this hat made of kevlar?
#14018683 Apr 06, 2019 at 11:52 PM
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[21:54] HappyMeal: do you have
[21:54] HappyMeal: [@@1186|Dark Christmas Sweater@@] #
[21:54] Livio: Go away!
[21:54] Livio: I don't want any McSandwitch or whatever.
#14018688 Apr 06, 2019 at 11:54 PM
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[21:41] Hocus Pocus Fidibus: i just looked up Roster.. now i actually know what it means
[21:41] Rill_: lol... what did you think it meant?
[21:42] matto: same Hocus Pocus lolol
[21:42] Hocus Pocus Fidibus: i was devided between misspelled rooster and barbecue
#14091002 Apr 29, 2019 at 06:17 AM · Edited 2 years ago
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From Spring Fest, Find the Red -

[17:56] Crew of Red Corsair: the object does not have to be solid red...
[17:56] Crew of Red Corsair: it just needs to have some red in it
[17:56] Crew of Red Corsair: ok... here we go...
[17:57] papzu: .o
[17:57] Global announcement from Crew of Red Corsair: pom-pom
[17:57] Shinra Tensei: wtf
[17:57] Krists: means jumping?
[17:57] Shinra Tensei: Pom pom
[17:57] Sikozu: Ah. Is 'pom-pom' a hint?
[17:57] PiNG1: who is?
[17:57] PiNG1: hahaha
[17:57] Shinra Tensei: really? pom pom it's a hint? xd
[17:57] Rift Avis: They say it is but I'll be damned!
[17:57] Global announcement from Crew of Red Corsair: hint: pom-pom
[17:57] Hello=): Hmm maybe sound of staff when someone bashes flying skulls?
[17:58] Krists: what that even means?
[17:58] Krists: jump?
[17:58] Krists: who knows what pom pom means?
[17:59] Global announcement from Crew of Red Corsair: John H. won!
[17:59] Gillian_: o.O
[17:59] bastex: john know


[17:59] Global announcement from Crew of Red Corsair: It was Nivalis Port 79, 23 Angela's red knit cap with a pom-pom on top.
[18:00] Krists: ohhhh
[18:00] John H.: :D
[18:00] PiNG1: hahaha
[18:00] John H.: Top Hat plz
[18:00] papzu: gratz
[18:00] DeaDZONE: john
[18:00] Nced: Gratz John H.
[18:00] John H.: thx
[18:00] DeaDZONE: where is the pom pom
#14106997 May 05, 2019 at 07:45 AM
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[20:01] General Kruton: Hello!
[20:01] matto: gy?
[20:01] General Kruton: I'm dead already thanks!
[20:01] General Kruton: Maybe Livio is good for that.
[20:01] matto: yeah xD
[20:01] matto: lets go there xD
[18:46] Sikozu: Rose hats are popular. Livio, do you have one?
[18:46] Livio: Hmm...
[18:46] Livio: Yes.
[18:46] Livio: But I'm not going to wear it.
[18:46] Sikozu: Why?
[18:47] PiNG1: why?
[18:47] Livio: I'm a man.
[18:47] Sikozu: You are wearing cat ears haha.
[18:47] Livio: Better cute than feminine.
[18:47] PiNG1: hahahahaha
[18:47] PiNG1: that is worst! %%a
[18:47] Livio: There are male cats too.
[18:47] Sikozu: There are male roses.
[18:47] PiNG1: but you are so cute!
[18:47] PiNG1: come for some hugs
[18:48] Livio: I don't want to be hugged by you!
[18:48] PiNG1: why?
[18:48] PiNG1: I dont have flower
[18:48] Livio: Your hands smell like chili pepperoni pizza!
[18:48] PiNG1: but I could give you the pleasure
[18:48] PiNG1: dammmm
[18:48] PiNG1: howyou knew!!!
[18:48] PiNG1: wow
[18:48] Livio: Cats have a good sense of smell.
[18:48] PiNG1: you are amazing!
[18:49] PiNG1: hahaha
#14153602 May 25, 2019 at 05:17 PM
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[16:32] Rill~: I see the Obelisk Cave still looks a little messy.
[16:33] lum.: wow! How it is interesting in it!
[16:34] Rill~: is it too impossible?
[16:36] lum.: no, I would say it's just normal impossible ;)
#14156089 May 29, 2019 at 12:13 PM
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[23:02] Livio: Damn, it's quite complex.
[23:02] Hello=): However most of radiation gets absorbed. Or leaves into outer space maybe.
[23:03] Hello=): Absorbed part obviously heats things around a bit. What else could it do?
[23:03] Hello=): Microwave ovens put that part into quite pronounced and useful shape :D
[23:03] D.Holliday: Damn its getting all kinds of deep up in here xD
[23:03] Livio: I hear a cat complaining outside the window.
[23:03] Livio: brb
[23:04] D.Holliday: Too much heat energy? xD
[23:04] D.Holliday: %%g
[23:04] kytty is now Online.
[23:04] Livio: They are about to begin cat's PvP.
[23:04] D.Holliday: LOL
[23:04] Hello=): Ahh they can do that, that's for sure.
[23:04] Hello=): Yesterday some cats did quite the same.
[23:05] Livio: They don't have Prsm to tell them to speak english,.
[23:05] D.Holliday: Mortal Kittenbat!!!
[23:05] D.Holliday: %%g
[23:05] Livio: They already have cat ears.
[23:05] Livio: So both have AGI +3.
#14156104 May 29, 2019 at 12:32 PM
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[20:15] Global announcement from Cindy: This seems to be their final attack! I believe in you!
[20:16] ginosuper: Lol so easy
[20:16] Clay: xD
[20:16] Livio: 33% mana left
[20:16] ginosuper: They should make a Cindy hard mode
[20:16] matto: o yeah
[20:16] ginosuper: * 10 amount of yetis
[20:16] Livio: Kill Cindy.
[20:16] ginosuper: %%p
[20:16] Repairman Jack: 20 keys tho....
[20:16] ginosuper: Yes
[20:17] Livio: Cindy the yeti princess.
[20:17] Livio: Sorry left keys at the storage.
[20:17] Repairman Jack: Cindy, the Yeti bait xD
[20:17] Cindy: Oh no, the Yetis...
[20:17] matto: oh no again
[20:18] Global announcement from Cindy: Yetis!
[20:18] Global announcement from Cindy: Watch out!
[20:18] Global announcement from Cindy: More of them are coming!
[20:19] Global announcement from Cindy: Be careful! More of them!
[20:19] Global announcement from Cindy: Attention! There is another bunch of them!
[20:20] Global announcement from Cindy: Hang on! More of them!
[20:20] Global announcement from Cindy: More Yetis! Will this never end?
[20:21] Global announcement from Cindy: There are coming more and more!
[20:21] Global announcement from Cindy: Watch your back! There are so many of them!
[20:22] Global announcement from Cindy: This seems to be their final attack! I believe in you!
[20:22] ginosuper: Anither Cindy done
[20:22] ginosuper: Another*
[20:23] matto: this is how you get you heart necklace
[20:23] ginosuper: Yep
[20:23] Livio: Notice the bar in the quest window...
[20:23] matto: yeah
[20:23] ginosuper: Repair Cindy's cage
[20:23] ginosuper: So she can get out
[20:23] Repairman Jack: xD
[20:23] Livio: Repair the cage to keep yetis out.
[20:24] ginosuper: Yeah
[20:24] Repairman Jack: I think this'll be the last one for me....I'm hungry >.<
[20:24] Livio: Eat Cindy.
[20:24] Repairman Jack: xDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[20:24] ginosuper: You are not allowed to eat %%h
[20:24] Cindy: Oh no, the Yetis...
[20:25] Global announcement from Cindy: Yetis!
[20:25] Global announcement from Cindy: Watch out!
[20:25] Global announcement from Cindy: More of them are coming!
[20:26] Global announcement from Cindy: Be careful! More of them!
[20:26] Global announcement from Cindy: Attention! There is another bunch of them!
[20:27] Global announcement from Cindy: Hang on! More of them!
[20:27] Global announcement from Cindy: More Yetis! Will this never end?
[20:28] Global announcement from Cindy: There are coming more and more!
[20:28] Global announcement from Cindy: Watch your back! There are so many of them!
[20:29] Global announcement from Cindy: This seems to be their final attack! I believe in you!
[20:29] lum.: nice
[20:29] ginosuper: Ok enough eating Cindy for me guys
[20:29] ginosuper: I mean
[20:29] ginosuper: Fighting Yetis
[20:29] Clay: xD
[20:29] Livio: sup
[20:29] matto: how tf does cindy know when it is their final attack
[20:30] ginosuper: I know right
[20:30] Livio: It's a plot.
[20:30] Clay: xD
[20:30] ginosuper: Cindy, you witch
[20:30] ginosuper: Illia all along huh?
[20:30] Clay: Cindy, mini-Luvia?
[20:30] Clay: xD
[20:30] Livio: Yeah, you meant witch...
[20:30] ginosuper: Going back to town
[20:30] Clay: suppertime, bbl ☺
[20:30] ginosuper: Cya all ☺
[20:30] Livio: Bye!
[20:30] Livio: It's their final attack!
[20:31] Livio: Let me know when you two are going to marry.
[20:31] Livio: I like to eat for free.
#14156110 May 29, 2019 at 12:39 PM
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18:36] Livio: Ahoy!
[18:36] Rill_: Ciao, Livio
[18:36] Rill_: I hope we have a good turnout.
[18:36] Nced: Yes, I did. ☺
[18:37] PiNG1: hi Nced Livio!!!
[18:37] Livio: Hello!
[18:39] Rill_: Konnichiwa, Spk 2!
[18:39] PiNG1: who is?
[18:39] Livio: Liang?
[18:39] Rill_: no... SpkTwo-
[18:39] SpkTwo-: hi all
[18:40] Rill_: welcome back! %%N
[18:40] Nced tries to find SpkTwo- in the roster
[18:40] PiNG1: why lvl 24 on guild?
[18:40] Nced: Hi SpkTwo- ☺
[18:40] PiNG1: is she an alt?
[18:40] PiNG1: hi Spk
[18:40] Rill_: [@@ |]
[18:42] Nced: Yeah, but the minus...
[18:43] Rill_: alt
[18:43] Livio: alt + f4
[18:43] SpkTwo- is now Offline.
[18:45] PiNG1: ...
[18:45] PiNG1: OMG
[18:45] Livio: What happens?
[18:45] PiNG1: Livio!
[18:45] Livio: I'm here, bro!
[18:45] PiNG1: it is your fault
[18:46] Livio: My fault of what?
[18:46] PiNG1: alt+F4--->Spk logged off
[18:46] Livio: XD
[18:46] PiNG1: xDD
[18:46] PiNG1: %%a
#14156111 May 29, 2019 at 12:46 PM
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[17:32] Experience sharing enabled.
[17:32] Item sharing enabled.
[17:58] Nanoq is now a member of your party.
[17:58] Nanoq is already a member of a party.
[17:59] Nanoq: O cant heal with this stats
[17:59] Nanoq: warrior statet
[18:47] Nanoq: so are we going to find a captains hat?
[18:47] Livio: Let's ask him first.
[18:48] Livio: If you want to go to the beach cave it's fine to me.
[18:49] Livio: Are we going there?
[18:49] Nanoq: I cant kill grenadiers hmm
[18:50] Nanoq: I had to restat then :D
[18:50] Livio: A mage will be useful for both of us.
[18:50] Nanoq: could be a "healing puppy" xD
[18:50] Livio: You'll get a lot of exp in that way.
[18:51] Livio: Not really a "healing puppy" but a "first aid operator".
[18:53] Nanoq: omw
[18:53] Livio: I'm at the sewer entrance.
[18:54] Livio: I'm going back, forgot something.
[18:54] Nanoq: arrows xD ?
[18:54] Livio: XD
#14156116 May 29, 2019 at 01:09 PM
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[19:38] Mordaunt: I will just post my limerick in the CRC forum
[19:39] Rill_: no, not there
[19:39] Rill_: someone could steal it from you
[19:39] Mordaunt: -.-
[19:39] Mordaunt: I do not have a TMW account on the forums
[19:39] Rill_: well, create one! it's easy... and Livio just did
[19:40] Rill_: it will do you no good to post it in the CRC forums
[19:40] Livio: Is Okurwienec considered a NPC?
[19:40] Rill_: no
[19:40] Mordaunt: All right
[19:41] Rill_: besides, what rhymes with Okurwieniec? %%U
[19:41] Livio: That's the challenge!
[19:41] Mordaunt: Rokurwiniec
[19:41] Livio: Hyperspace is not enough hard to try.
[19:41] Rill_: and tell your brothers about the event, too, DP... they might want to try
[19:41] Mordaunt: I will.
[19:41] Rill_: Hyperspace is an alt of a crew member
[19:42] Rill_ is looking for the easiest name possible
[19:43] Mordaunt: Wyara
[19:45] Livio: A limerick to tell that I muss undead tree can be good?
[19:46] Livio: *miss
[19:46] Rill_: I do not know... you might whisper Prsm and ask him
[19:47] Rill_: hmmm... I might rethink this... if I wait too long, someone else might take the NPC name I am considering...
[19:48] Rill_ sighs
[19:50] Livio burps
[19:50] Mordaunt: Oh my God, I finally got into my account
[19:50] Rill_: ?
[19:51] Mordaunt: I did not realise I had one until I found my name had ben taken
[19:51] Rill_: lol
[19:51] Mordaunt: But I had forgotton the password
[19:51] Livio: Welcome to the Guild of Red Corsair!
[19:51] Mordaunt: And I finally cracked it
[19:51] Mordaunt: Thank ye Livio
[19:51] Rill_: you mean TMW forums? or CRC?
[19:51] Mordaunt: TMW forums
[19:52] Livio: Welcome to the Guild of Forums of The Mana World of Red Corsair!
[19:52] Mordaunt: Thank ye again, kind sir
[19:53] Livio: Kind Sir Livio? Sounds good.
#14156122 May 29, 2019 at 01:24 PM
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[17:56] Livio: I'm going to kill something that moves for profit.
[17:58] Rill_: like a realtor?
[17:58] Livio opens the dictionary...
[17:59] Livio: Good one captain!
[17:59] Livio: They are all the same!
[17:59] Rill_: grazie %%N
#14156125 May 29, 2019 at 01:33 PM
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< At the Barbarian Village >
[19:42] Livio: There's magic behind that meat.
[19:43] Livio: It's cooking since 2005 and it hasn't carbonized yet.
[19:43] Rill,: lol
[19:43] Rill,: probably Spam
[19:43] Nanoq: how do you know they did not change it if you were not here all day?
[19:44] Livio: Those barbarians are lazy.