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#13957812 Feb 03, 2019 at 03:57 PM
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Think to this post like a draft because I'm feeling that it's someway incomplete.

#2429315 Reid wrote:

1) How does the Clan help me?
The clan gives you help and / or supports you in leveling up, we asset in quests etc. ... It also allows you to meet other players who can speak your same language and help you speak to those who don't.

#2429299 Reid wrote:

I) General:
Act 3: You will always treat others the way you'd wish to be treated.
II) The clan:
Act 4 : The guild is a big family and we are united. It would be interesting and pleasant for all of us to help each other out at times. Thank you for respecting these rules and applying them.

I guess that Captain Reid is right about it but I haven't found nothing more detailed about how the help and support must be delivered to someone inside the crew or not.

First of all, why helping? What's the reason to do it?
Are you a warm-hearted person or you do it because you are expecting something back?
There is always someone in need and you too probably. I think that you have to like helping out in the same way you like to be helped.
Maybe this can build nice relationships, who knows...

[13:31] roamingo: the game is all about having fun upleveling and thereby enjoying one another's company

Is our help being appreciated?
CRC is not a selective guild so you can meet anyone of any gender, age, country, religion, social backgrounds, etc...
So even in the crew you can't know if you are helping someone that understand your efforts for him/her.
I guess that's possibile to get a lot of free items while logging in with many low level alts.

Remember what you had to do to get what are you offering

[13:30] roamingo: helping is not freebie.. or not necessarily that is
[13:30] roamingo: free advice is by me always the case
[13:30] Livio: Advice is always free.
[13:31] roamingo: free stuff them with super advanced stuff a whole nother matter, which i would consider desastrously counter-productive

Do they deserve trust?
Lending items is discouraged since can lead to the loss of those items. Evaluating the risk by taking item value first is a good option.

Lending inside the crew can be like a russian roulette with less bullets inside but don't take it for granted

[18:47] Rill_: forget about using magic healing... go in with warrior armor and food
[18:47] Rill_: I can lend you my warrior armor
[18:47] Rill_: it is up to you
[18:52] Rill_: just get them all back to me ☺
[18:52] Rill_: ok?

Help can come out in many other ways
Since it's true that the forum and wiki can reduce the requests for help it doesn't mean that it pushes people to be more selfish since there are situations that you can't deal by being alone.
And it's nice to see that some crew members have some "specific" alts.
I have one for spare clothes for example but I'm still testing it's usefulness.

If you have some spare time tell me what do you think about it.
#13960659 Feb 08, 2019 at 02:31 AM
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Hi Livio, good topic you bring up.

In the past, when i first started TMW , I would give my extra gear to new players to help them out. Within a year, most of the people I helped ended up not continuing the game. I think the only exception is Krists. Believe it or not, My bros and I were a little higher level than her when we first met. Anyways, I digress.

As to the kind of help I now give new players, I give them advice and tell them about useful quests but I rarely give them quest items unless they trade or their level is about 40-60. Reason being is is that lots of people with levels less than 40 tend to not come back.

So, i advise against giving new players items or equipment unless you can spare it. I personally will only trade items or give advice. I never lend equipment, gold or items. It's all too precious. XD
#13961296 Feb 09, 2019 at 03:36 AM
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The more experience we collect about it the more the game will be fun and nice!
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