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#13957171 Feb 02, 2019 at 08:26 PM
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Everybody knows that cave where killing bats can be a good opportunity for easy money.
Since Arkim is a very rich man he is trashing his money on such useless things (and a stupid one since I've got him a lot of bat wings but he still doesn't know how they work).
But that's good for us.
There's a non-written rule (I guess) that tolds anyone not to hunt while another player is already hunting. One day I've got called up by the Captain for this.

Today I was hunting before DiamondPython showed up in the cave but since he waited nicely to me to be done I've told him to hunt together with me instead.

The tactics rely on how respawn works in small areas: An archer on the north side (the largest) and a warrior on the south side (the smaller).

Once a bat is killed on the north is spawns on the south and so on.
Without the hassle of moving too much we both had a good loot and enough bat wings to skip the hunt for some days.
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