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#13934718 Jan 04, 2019 at 05:35 PM
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Unluckily seems close or unreachable.
The green bar is quite bothering to me since it get's in my way when taking screenshots. To have a better idea try to check our's captain avatar And no. The green line under her feet is not a line of some old soccer field nor a bright shade of grass.

The way I'm living it is to see how much damage I've taken not how much life is left.

Just to put the primary color on maximum alpha and put a very low alpha on the secondary color. I've tried to make it blinking but was hard to see on a very crowded area.

So. When I'm taking a photo near crew members, while recovering or while being healed the bar disappears telling me that I'm healthy as a horse and making room for players names and badges.
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