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#13795972 Jun 17, 2018 at 08:09 AM
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Hey there!

When I've joined the Crew for the first time I thought that is like the party feature. I mean, sometimes when we are going to fight somewhere, it's hard to save mana in order to heal in real needs. Guild members don't share HP stats at all.
In the party feature it's possible to share exp and items but sometimes I feel that some people use the party as a way to identify themselves as a group.

To avoid any misunderstanding about relationships between us, I want to let you know that joining or leaving a party is not about accepting or refusing friendship to me.

I use the party feature to get easier to get along in some difficult places like caves not to prefer some people instead of others.
That's friend tab and relationship settings for.

I was in Rose0's party for much time and I left the party to help the others not to refuse Rose0's friendship.
I've explained the situation to paps too and he seems to like my way of thinking about the party feature.

I like to hear your opinions about the parties if you are living the party in some other way.

Party hard!!!
#13796244 Jun 17, 2018 at 05:21 PM
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It is true that some players join parties for the social aspect, while others join for the experience benefit, although there is the limitation that experience cannot be shared when party members who are more than 10 levels apart are present simultaneously. Originally, parties were limited to 10 members, but now that number has been increased to 120. As far as I know, a player's alts on the same account still cannot join the same party as the main player.

Over the years, with different alts, I have joined and left any number of parties. Parties, and the players within them, often appear quickly and just as easily disappear, though some have been more stable and longer-lasting. Personally, I now view parties mostly as an opportunity for experience sharing, and look to the guild as my main source for camaraderie and friendship. :)
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