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#13765470 May 08, 2018 at 10:00 PM
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Hi you Corsairs,
We talked about it sometimes, when I was on line, on the guild channel.

So, just a few words to say that I adjusted my stats (thanks to Rill - can't comment here but : *helpful*), collected all the items needed (+health items and fight potions), read the wiki and that I'm absolutely ready for the quest.

My current stats are (lvl 95) :
str:80 agi:35 vit:85=84+1 int:1 dex:40 luk:70=69+1
(I felt too weak with only vit:80, so I sacrificed on Agility).

I count on 2 hours of free time (1 hour just for the quest itself, the rest for the crew) but still don't know when I'll get them. I'll make a sign.

My archer alt, Sacharissa (lvl 70), is also already litterally freezing in the Cindy cave, waiting for your courage and adress, as soon as we'll be numerous enough. She's got 50 treasure keys, so we could make some rounds. This said, I made her unable to fight, only to survive the yetis assaults :
str:10 agi:33=32+1 vit:90 int:1 dex:1 luk:60

Your servant,
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