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#13546651 Nov 29, 2017 at 01:50 AM
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I went through the server scripts a litte to find out how to ensure a level up at christmas event.

And I found something quite disconcerting.

The rewards are determined here:
Lines 103-130

Lines 108-119 seem to determine some extra score that you can collect when properly following your path. I haven't been digging deep in that now, so lets forget about it for now and look at it afterwards.

In Lines 122-127 a Variable @xmas_reward_tally is being calculated from 3 other conditions, wether you did collect the lists (@xmas_reward_all_lists), helped all the helpers (@xmas_reward_all_helpers), and did the boss fight (@xmas_reward_hero_boss). The values of theese 3 latter variable are constants and defined in
The Values of theese constants are 10, 10 and 15.

Lets assume now we did everything correct. So after line 127, our @xmas_reward_tally could be 35. And now the disconcerting part:
At line 130, @xmas_reward_lower_bound is calculated to 70-rand(5).
At line 133, @xmas_reward_upper_bound is calculated to 70-rand(5)+LUK/5
Then in line 134 @xmas_reward is finally calculated as a random. It could be any value from 66 to 75.

The desired Level-Up reward is finally determined in Line 157 (@xmas_reward_tally_rare also being a constant value of 80). So our @xmas_reward must be 80 at least to get the Level up. But it is in the range of 66-75.

To get it to 80, we have to get the initial @xmas_reward_tally to 7 at least, in Lines 105-119, before adding the 35 from all helpers and boss fights. If we had it at 7, then the lower bound would calculate to 2*(7+35)-rand(5), thats a value in the range 80....84. And we would be fine.

How to get it to 7? I haven't exactly found out yet and wiki says there is a karma system but not in use. But wiki might be wrong.
Assumed the karma system is in use, then I have to speak out a warning:

Do not do the Boss fight for the path that you are NOT following, this might lower your Karma and destroy your chances for a Lucky Level up.

Its late and I will be playing less next weeks. Somebody else might dig any further in this karma stuff.
#13546671 Nov 29, 2017 at 02:12 AM
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A quick search for locations from where the karma is set revealed:
Everytime when you do the xmas daily, your karma is increased by 1 for nice / decreased by 1 for ugly path. There is a hard limit of 15 for nice / 0 for nasty. So, do the christmas daily every day if you can.
Lines 74ff for nasty, 90ff for nice path
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