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#13516534 Nov 07, 2017 at 03:17 PM
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Well, lots of players are seeking for the Wooden staff. As you get it only at a chance of 1:2 per char at Cindy, you need to level up 3 chars to level 70, on average. Thats alot of work. And there are rumours that chances might be even lower, but I don't really believe in this.

But, there is another way to get to Wooden Staves, by finishing the Illia quest at a "quite dangerous", or better "awfully dangerous" level.

I would like to do some tests on that. All I know by now is, that you need a good mage runner who understands his business. The only ones I know right now are Micksha and omatt, but they aren't online very often. It would be desirable to train another mage runner who is online very often. I am thinking of Hocus, and Rill, and also me. Requirements for a good mage runner is basically a high level, less a good mage equipment (mage runners might prefer high defense armour and a Rock Knife for its VIT boost).

Roughly calculating the cost of an Illia run: 3 Sapphire powder (51k*3/9 = 17k), 1 Amethyst powder (36k*1/9=4k), 1 Frozen Yeti Tear (10k), 13 Iron Powder (250*13=3250), 4 Iced Water (1000*4=4k), that is a total of less than 40k. The costs of gemstone powders are calculated for the case that you get 9 powders out of a single gemstone on average.

To get the Illia quest to a quite dangerous or even awfully dangerous level, you have to fail it a couple of times. So you need to pay a couple of times. But as the reward is 100k per player anyway (in case of a successful run), you can fail it 9 times and succeed at the 10th time and still be on the winning side.
In other words: It pays.

Having pointed out that, and again mentioning the extra rewards that might contain a wooden staff, well, here is my plan:

Do alot of Illias, with the unexperienced high levels as a mage runner first. Fail on intention to get the quest to a more dangerous level. And then, complete it with a more experienced runner, to get the rewards. The previous unexperienced runner might have become experienced enough at that point.

Need a team for that. Who is willing to volunteer?
#13516705 Nov 07, 2017 at 05:57 PM
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This is an interesting proposal, Aisen. I would like to discuss it further, ingame. 😀
#13517982 Nov 08, 2017 at 02:33 PM
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We have done alot of tests yesterday. Thanks to Tomminator, Bran, PiNGO, Rill, and Micksha who did all of the running.

The good news were, we could confirm some theories.

The bad news were, we did not get any extra rewards.

I now looked over a lot of source files to get any clue whats being wrong. And maybe I found some.

Yesterday we have confirmed that you need to get some variable "$Illia_Luvia_Harvest" to 10, by failing a couple of times, for Valia mentioning the quest level as being "quite dangerous". We did so, and if I didn't count wrong, this variable was 11 when we finally beat the quest.
But reading in the source script where the number of rewards are determined, it reads like you need this variable to be 15 for extra rewards. Look here:
At line 226-232 the number of rewards is determined.

I also found more information in the source script that could be helpful to get the quest level up even faster.

This $Illia_Luvia_Harvest variable is increased by another variable $players_in_luvia_territory, at the time when the quest is being initialized and players are waiting at Valia.
Line 739

And $players_in_luvia_territory is increased every time when one of the teammates gets past the cursed waterfall in the desert.
Line 138

So, if I have read this correct, this means we need to get this variable to 15, by just 4 players getting past the waterfall 4 times, and failing then. That would set it to 16.

I'm not sure at all if this is a bug, or just a hidden feature. In my opinion we should confirm first if it works with 4 fails, and if we regard it as a bug, we might inform GMs first if they regard it as a bug as well. And if GMs also think it is a bug, one might inform somebody who can fix theese lines and make the server restart with fixed scripts.
#13518703 Nov 09, 2017 at 01:35 AM
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We did it, and it works 😀

We even got lucky and looted a wooden staff.

So, anyone who wants extra chances for a wooden staff, prepare yourself to do a lot of Illia runs ;-) It's not a matter of luck anymore as you can do the Illia quest as many times as you wish. Just a matter of effort.
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