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Many players are reporting they regard Terranites as too hard to kill and too dangerous mobs. They spawn slow, at a few locations only, and they hit fast and hard.

But they have some quite valuable drops to offer, and also some good experience. There's the terranite ore that can be a major source of income, and you also need plenty of it if you want to do the terranite armor quest. Also coal and iron ore are adding to your income, and valuable gemstones.

I have developed some terra hunting strategies that work very well for me. It gives me a high income of 150 k GP per hour and more, and also some good experience of about 16-17 k exp per minute, adding up to 1 million experience points per hour. This makes terra hunting my preferred way to level up my chars in the 80es levels, getting rich at the same time. I even prefer it to hunting at graveyard, but thats a personal preference.

In this guide, I want to share my strategies, to encourage other players, and especially YOU who is reading this, to hunt for theese mobs as well.

To cover a wider range of players, I will split this guide into 4 sections. I'll also add a 5th section where I present a calculation of your income, based on drop rates that can be found in the wiki. In the 6th and last section I will introduce my special strategy, killing 3 Terras and 3 Lady Skells in 100 seconds while being quite safe at the same time.

All strategies given are based on speed archer skills. I have done some tests as a warrior but always found myself being killed to fast for having good exp or income, and I haven't tried mage settings. Yet.

Section 1: Starting with single Terranites in the 70es levels
Section 2: Hunting in the lower 80es levels
Section 3: Hunting at max. Agility, for the high 80es and above
Section 4: Hunting with banshee bow
Section 5: A theoretical calculation of your income
Section 6; My special kill cycle
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Section 1: Getting started: Hunting for single Terras.

Enter the terranite cave and walk east, beyond Bats and Mogguns, then south. Go through the small tunnel. From here on there will be a lot of aggressive mobs so be prepared. Walk southwest, then cross a bridge to the west. After the bridge head north, past a little bunch of yellow slimes, and meet a huge crowd of Red Slimes. Heading further north will get you into a dead end with a single Terranite spawning.

Recommended stats:
DEX 100, VIT 10-20, high AGI. Depending on how often you get hit by a Terra, you also might need LUK 40. If you manage to escape from any Terra hits, LUK can be left at 1 as red slimes shouldn't be too dangerous for you any more.

Don't run when the Terra approaches too close. Instead, take a few little steps backwards, by hitting the Cursor Key repeatedly. This will keep you firing, while you stop shooting (and loose time) when you run for long distances.

There are situations when a huge mob of slimes might be chasing you, and a Terra might quickly approach you and hit you while being busy with the slimes. But, there is a helpful client setting to solve this.
Press F9 for Settings, go to the last Tab (the Quick tab), scroll down to the last setting. This one can be toggled between "(C) always attack closest" and "(D) don't switch target". By setting it to (C), your char will target and attack the closest monster every time you hit the LEFT CTRL key. So, repeatedly hitting Cursor keys for small steps, and repeatedly hitting LEFT CTRL is a good way to fight a chasing mob.
Another approach is to leave the "(D) don't switch target" setting. Target the fastest monster that is chasing you, which is usually the Terra. Then, circle around the Terra in small steps, that will keep you firing at it while the slow mob won't catch you :p
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Section 2: The lower 80es levels

Once you got your AGI to 75-79, you will find that you are able to stun Terras. That will keep you quite safe when fighting single Terras. At this point, you might wish to go for more of them. As there is no way to improve the spawn time, you need to move on to a location where there are more of them.

I'd recommend two locations.
First one: The North-East Spawn. In Terra Cave, after the small tunnel head south-east. You'll meet a lot of spiders and some Lady Skells. Evade them. Then you'll get into an area with 3 Skeletons. Flee from them and head north into a region with a massive Red Slime mob. Go further north past a little Yellow Slime mob, and east to another Red Slime mob. North of them there's another bunch of Spiders, and just west of the Spiders there are 3 Terranites residing.
North of theese 3 Terranites, theres a small and empty cave, where you can stay for a while for recreation purposes.
Second one: The South-East Spawn. In Terra Cave past the small tunnel, head south-east. Meet the Spiders and Lady Skells, and also meet the 3 Skeletons. Run further east into a big area with a whole lot of spiders, and occasional Skeletons and Lady Skeletons. Continue your way to the north-east all through this region until you reach a smaller region with just 3 Lady Skeletons. South of the 3 Lady Skells there are another 3 Terras waiting to get rid of their loot.

If you decide to go for the North-East Spawn, you'll have the advantage of a resting room, but also the disadvantage of spiders interrupting you when dealing with Terras. They are too numerous to just lure them away.
When going for the South-East Spawn, you are mostly undisturbed from Spiders and Skeletons, but there are 3 Lady Skeletons. They can easily be lured away, leaving this place with just 3 Terras behind. And thats a real good situation when your desire is to kill them in large numbers.

In either case, you will encounter situations where there is more than one of theese Terras chasing you. Therefore you need to be able to fight a mob. I wrote about some hints to do so in the first Section. However, at this point I want to point out why it is better - in my opinion - to have the Target-Change-Setting being set to "(D) don't switch target".

I've found that the spwan time of Terras is about 100 seconds. Its not true for the first time you encounter a specific terra. If you kill it for the first time, it might respawn in less than 100 seconds. When it respawns, and you kill it for a second time, it will take 100 seconds quite precisely to respawn again. And again, and again. Theese 100 seconds last from respawn until next respawn, not from kill until next respawn.
That means, you have 100 seconds intervals of time killing all of the 3 terras at a spawn location. After you have killed one by one for a first time - by having the "(D) don't switch target" enabled - they still might respawn quite quickly for the second time. Again, kill them one by one. But, you are in the 100 seconds interval now. Look close and you will see that they will not respwan all at once, but one by one. That means you can easily kill them one by one, not being chased by a mob anymore. And as you are able to stun them with your AGI of 75, things are getting really easy.

Recommended stats:
DEX 100 AGI 75 VIT 20-30 LUK 1-40

Use your left-over char points now for getting LUK to 40, that will avoid any crits from Terras and Lady Skells. Depending on how often you get hit, you might find a VIT of 40 quite convenient. Better, not to get hit at all, but sometimes it just cannot be avoided.
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Section 3: Hunting at max. Agility

Once you have gotten up your VIT and LUK far enough to take some occasional hits, you might get tired of all the time waiting for them to respawn. We need more victims!

But, there are more victims! In the North-East Spawn there are Spiders, and in the South-East Spwan there are Lady Skeletons. You also might consider to visit the two Western Spawn locations where there are plenty of other mobs as well, maybe too numerous to even get through to Terras. Lots of fun waiting there for a change.
In this guide, I'll focus on the South-East Spawn.

You are in the situation now of having your VIT and LUK up to some defense that lasts for Terras and Lady Skells. Your DEX is at 100 anyway, as you are an archer. You now could put your char points to even more AGI, to hit even faster.
But, getting AGI at 80+ means, the Terras will start to run again. You should be experienced enough now to deal with them. Remember: Take small steps backwards, not long runs. Circle around chasing mobs in small steps.
Continue raising AGI to 100+. Having equipped the Cat's Ears, a Topaz Ring and the Terranite Legs will get you to AGI 104. You are a real fast striker now.
But, still you have to lure away some of the Lady Skeletons, for they don't disturb you when dealing with the Terranites. Is there a way to be even faster and kill all of the 3 Lady Skells while waiting for the Terras to respawn? The answer is, yes there is, use Concentration Potions and Iron Potions. It pays. By killing plenty of Terranites you already should be rich enough to easily afford the pots.

Did I say Terras start to run at AGI 80+? Well, at AGI 100 and using pots, they are stunned again :D Safe mass murder :D Sadly, the Lady Skells aren't stunned, but they are greatly slowed down when standing diagonally to them.

With AGI 100 and using pots, you are able to kill all of the 3 Terranites and all of the 3 Lady Skeletons in a 100 seconds interval. They keep spawning one by one (after having them initially killed one by one), so its a quite safe fight, you won't need run alot. Well, if there wouldn't spawn one right next to you but you never can avoid that. Just keep watching what you are doing, despite there's not too much danger. I'll discuss that topic further in Section 6.

Not using pots means, you can't kill them all in 100 seconds. You will have some more action then (you need to evade some while fighting others) and get less XP per minute, but you save the money on pots.

I haven't tested exhaustive, but even AGI 75 and using pots could last to kill 3 Terras plus 3 Lady Skells in 100 seconds. That takes even more of theese expensive pots, greatly reducing your income up to 45k per hour. See Section 6 for details.

Recommended Stats:

DEX 100 AGI 100 VIT 30 LUK 40

You can now put your left-over char points to STR, for doing even a tiny little bit of more damage and being able to carry more weight, or to INT for being able to heal faster. You also might consider replacing the Cats Ears with a Terranite Helmet, for having a better defense.
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Section 4: Hunting with a Banshee Bow

From Level 90, you could use a Banshee Bow if you can yourself call the proud owner of one. That would allow to inflict way more damage, at the cost of your life. Lets see how to employ this for Terranite hunting.

Sadly I don't own a heart of Isis yet. That makes the use of a Banshee way more dangerous, even suicidal. Still, I have found some bare minimum settings for a level 90 without Isis. Owning an Isis heart as well would mean that the conclusions of this Section are still true, they could just cost less healing materials, raising your income at terra farming even more.

Please note that the hints given in this Section are not really well tested. They worked somehow, and I am confident that things will get better when levelling up, but one might find that there are some wrong hints. Feel free to post your corrections.

From last chapter we have seen how to fast kill a bunch of 3 Terras and 3 Lady Skeletons in 100 seconds, while staying quite safe as you stun the Terras. Downside of this approach was, it will cost you a lot of money for pots, thus reducing your overall income.

But the Banshee Bow is a really powerful weapon. My tests showed that I can kill the same amount of mobs in nearly the same time, while not using pots at all. More AGI might help to kill them fast enough. On the other hand I need alot of healing materials to compensate the life drain of the Banshee. Here are the stats:

DEX 100 AGI 80 VIT 55 LUK 40

Using #lum heals me just quick enough to compensate the life drain, and even a tiny little bit faster. At this stage I'd recommend VIT 60 to be safer. You also can make this up with using better heal items, but they are more expensive. Best is, use a good mix of slow and fast healing items.
Sadly, AGi 80 seems just a tiny little bit too slow to kill the mobs in time. So, the mobs will get out of spawn order over time, and you have to deal with more than one after a few cycles. The good news is, AGI 90 should last as AGI 80 is just a tiny little bit too slow.

As I point out in Section 6, a cycle of 3 Terras and 3 Lady Skells takes about 140 arrows plus 1 Iron pot plus 1 Con pot, totaling to 890 Coins. With banshee, same mobs can be killed with about 120 arrows plus 4 Lifestones, totaling to 420 Coins (I calculate a Lifestone for 75 GP), so less than half the cost.

More tests still needed. But for now I would say that Banshee is definitely employable at Terras. And I'm also confident that someone who got to level 90 and managed Illia would be able to stay alive at Terras :D
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Section 5: Your income at terra battling.

First, let's point out that I made some long term tests to confirm the drop rates given in the Wiki. I found theese drop rates being correct within a small statistical tolerance.

Here are the drop rates:
Coal 6%, Iron Ore 5%, Terranite Ore 5%, Emerald 0.2%, Amethyst 0.2%, Sapphire 0.2%

Sometimes the Terranites even drop more than one item at once. My best drop was 2 Terranite Ores and an Amethyst from the same Terranite. But there are no values for multi-drops in the wiki, so I'll stay with the above.

I like to keep my gemstones, not sell them. Same with Iron Ore which I save up for a mage char. Thats why I only take Terranite Ores and Coal into account for calculating my income, and keep others as an extra :-)

Next we determine the real value of Terranite Ore, not the one offered by trading bots. How can Terranite Ore be converted into Coins?
The answer to this is the Terranite Arrow quest. You need 1 Terra Ore plus 5 Coal plus 3k GP to get a number of (at least) 1000 Terranite Arrows. There is something you definitely MUST know: if you raised your LUK to 100 before doing this quest, you can have up to 1500 arrows for the same amount of materials. On average you'll get about 1250 arrows per 1 Terra Ore, 5 Coal and 3k GS.
Such a lot of arrows, how to use them? Well, sell them to NPC, for 20 each :-) So, for the 1250 arrows (on average) you get back 25k GS. Substracting the 3k fee would leave you with 22k GS for 1 Terranite Ore plus 5 Coal. We need Coal in masses, so we might be forced to buy from trading bots. 700 GS per Coal seems to be a stable price, so its 3500 GS for 5 Coal, leaving you with 18500 per Terranite Ore.
However, take a note that you only can make use of this real value if you are able to do the Terranite Arrows quest, and that one requires you to complete the Terranite Armor Quest. You can have Terranite Helmet, Terranite Legs and Terranite Chest Armor from this latter quest. While the Legs are about the best available legs armor, and the Helmet is still useful in some situations, the Terranite Chest Armor is just a very expensive unuseful piece of armor that takes space in your bank. It requires 250 Coal (175 k GP), 50 Terranite Ore (925k GP) and 50k GP, totaling to 1.15 million GP. If you sell your Ores to some trading bot for 13.5k GP instead taking the 18.5k from Terranite Arrows Quest, you would "waste" 5k per Ore. You can "waste" theese 5k GP 230 times to get to the cost of the Terranite Chest Armor. So, if you go for the Terranite Arrows Quest, keep in mind that you need to do it at least 230 times to pay for the useless Terranite Chest.

Knowing from the former Sections, we can kill 3 Terras in 100 seconds. This is quite a constant value and cannot be raised any further. It also can be easily achieved, by simply not dying =) Extra kills of any other mobs in theese 100 seconds might give extra drops which are not taken into account.
3 Terras in 100 secs means 108 Terras in one hour. That will give you a total of 108 * 6% = 6.48 Coal and 108 * 5% = 5.4 Terranite Ore per hour (on average, of course). This is a total of about 104 k per hour. If you take the other drops into account, you can achieve 150 k quite easily.

Counting my bank definitely confirms this theoretical calculation. :D
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Section 6: My special kill cycle

We have seen in the previous section that we can kill 3 Terras and 3 Lady Skeletons in 100 seconds, repeatedly. Wether using Forest Bow and pots, or using Banshee bow, it can be done. We have also seen that it pays well. I also pointed out on different occasions that you cannot raise the 3 Terra kills per 100 seconds due to their low spawn rate.

In this last section, I will introduce my most favoured strategy. I developed this for killing all available Terras in the first place, then getting many exp in the second place, and last but not least lowering expenses.

So, I simply walk to the South-East Spawn. Shortly before arriving there, I'm gonna kill any Lady Skeleton I see, in case its one of the residentals that has wandered off. This first part of my ritual I have named "Calling them back home".
After having arrived there, in the second part of my ritual I kill any monster that is not a Lady Skeleton or a Terranite. I also have look around if all of the 3 Terras are back home. "Tidying up" I call it.
Then there is an optional third step which might ease the 4th step, called "Decimation": I kill 3 Lady Skells and in case I see them respawn, I kill another 3 of them.
Note that I have not touched any Terranite so far.
Now the 4th step, which is the hardest, the "Respwan Cycle Init". I have to kill the Terras one by one, while all of them are alive. And, I must not allow myself any rest while doing so, every second counts. Before touching the first Terranite, I'm gonna use an iron pot and a con pot. Killed Terras might respawn quite fast, as the reswawning is not in its 100 seconds interval yet. So, I keep killing Terras. During the 5th Terras the effects of pots will wear off, so I use some more. Having killed the 6th Terra, the respawn interval now should be initialized for Terras, but out of order for Lady Skells.
I go for 3 Lady Skells now. During this first re-visit, the effects of pots might last. During later visits, the effects of pots will wear off at the 2nd lady skell.
Having killed 3 Lady Skells, I return to the middle of the Terranite Spawn area. I usually got a couple of seconds left. Sit down and relax. I take the risk that one might spawn next to me, just always stay at good health and risks of dying are small.
And now, finally, there is the routine that can repeated as long as your arrows and pots are lasting: The first Tera will spawn. I attack it and use pots quickly. The Terra is killed fast, and just about when I'm done with it, the second one spawns. Just about when finished, the third one will spawn. Kill this one as well, head north to ladies. Usually 2 are waiting, the 3rd not having spawned yet. It will show up after having killed the first Lady Skel and busy with 2nd. Finish all 3 of them. The effect of pots wears off at 2nd Lady Skell, but do not use pots now, finish the Lady Skells undoped.
In case you don't see 3 Lady Skells at home, quickly search for any who has wandered off. Otherwise, you gonna miss it soon and you need to interrupt your routine.
Go back to Terra respawn location, sit down, and wait for the next cycle that will start in few seconds.

Whenever I want to have a break, I use ESC and switch Char-Option. But, after returning, I have to init the cycle again, by killing 6 Terras while on pots.

This way, I need exactly 1 Con Pot and one Iron Pot for a cycle. I also counted the used arrows. I've found them to be around 140 for all of the 6 mobs. This gives a hint of how to pack my backpack when leaving for Terras:
I usually take 8400 arrows. This is just what I need for 60 cycles, so I need at least this amount of Iron and Con pots. I prefer to have some spare so I usually take 65. I also need healing materials, lifestones being my first choice. But, can also #manpahil them when I'm there, so I usually take around 20 Bug Legs or Maggot Slimes, because they are lighter than Lifestones. I also take some Lifestones, just in case I forget to #manpahil after using one of them. 5 Lifestones will do it, I don't forget it often.

Having packed for 60 Cycles, this is enough for 6000 seconds or 1 hour 40 minutes of Terra battling. After this I have to return to bank.

I use up to 60k of value if I use up all of my pots and Lifestones/Bug Legs.

The average drops that I can expect:
10.8 Coal, 9.0 Terranite Ore, 9.0 Iron Ore, 0.36 Emerald, 0.36 Amethyst, 0.36 Sapphire, 18.0 Dark Crystal, 5.4 Skulls, 8.64 Bones, and also a couple of Diseased Hearts (no drop rate in the wiki).

The estimated value of all of theese drops is around 250 k GP. Depends strongly on the values of gems and Diseased Hearts. Not bad for an investment of 60 k GP.

I reliably get 16-17k EXP per minute, being around 1 million exp per hour. This is a bit less than you can get elsewhere, but you won't earn that good money then.

This is the final part of my Terra guide, and whow, it has taken all day to write it, well, I did some breaks. Now I hope that anyone will find it useful :D

Feel free to post corrections, suggestions, and Rill, also feel free to correct my typos ;-)
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Aisen, you have created an exceptionally useful instructional guide for terra hunting. The time and effort you put into this are greatly appreciated.
Vielen Dank! πŸ˜€

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Obviously we know about high vit and a luck that beats Terranites (40 luck), so 41 luck to avoid all crits gives lots of room to add vit and agi for defense, but my favorite Terra hunter is Mystical_Servant who is a mixed speed warrior/banshee archer. I created MS as a bit of a test to see how archer stats fare on a speed warrior with some strength and a little vit. Terranites have an attack range of 1, so melee warriors fast enough can stun them. If you aren't fast enough to freeze them with a Sand Cutter, try the Setzer and you may be able to. Having a very fast but vulnerable warrior is a challenge so you must fight only one at a time, except for short durations. Vitality is more important than luck with this build because you'll need to heal fast when you get hurt a lot, but that should only happen if you get stack attacked. If you have high agi and dex, then you can also switch to a bow when you get in trouble anyway. You'll probably do more overall dmg with a bow too, especially if a banshee, but you'll blow through arrows for no good reason, need to heal if using banshee even when not getting hit, but more importantly... seeing a warrior this insanely fast is very gratifying and almost surreal. IDW everyone being like MS, but it sure is fun and is very far from boring. I even use Setzer more often just to increase the speed, even though the Sand Cutter will increase the DPS a bit.
Ledmitz = Mystic = Mystical_Servant = Ardits = Killer Bee = BoomBoom = Tipsy Skeleton
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