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Nice path: Inside the Christmas Inn talk with Eljas, Chief Warrick and Avalia

Main Starts either at Elijas on 030-2 Christmas Inn or Orum's Homunculus 030-3, coordinates: 32, 33 (Frozen Lake)

Naughty path: is the same except Avalia is Orum's Homunculus at the location 030-3 and you have to bang your fist on the basement passage to get back into the Inn, which requires you to sabotage the list & speak with Orum.

Avalia/Orum Homonculus
find the 8 Npc's list, The most of children are in Tulimshar) except Rossy.
"Rossy" (at South West of Woodland)
"Kadiya" (in a house at East of the Tulimshar town)


. Santa's Helper. Do it on Nice and Naughty path !!!!

. Verneri will make Roasted acorn with one Iron Potion he can ice 10 Acorns

. Urmas to get Empty Box, he needs 2 raw logs for 1 empty box.

. Ismo (nice path) give him Candy/Apples for naughty path
Reward: 200 xp and 500 gp.

. Reino for making one roll of wrapping paper: he needs 2 Reed Bundles, 1 Bottle of Water and some dye to make it colored:

White dotted (2 pile of ashes),
Yellow dotted (2 Yellow Dyes)
Blue dotted (2 Light Blue Dyes)
Purple Striped (2 Purple Dyes)
Green (2 Green Dyes).

. Osmo needs 10 Furs for nice path/10 cotton Clothes for naughty path.

.Veneri 5 topaz powders, and 5 Ruby Powders for nice path/and fake powders from orum for naughty path

Orum for the fake glitter he needs:
10 Pile of ashes
5 Red Dyes
5 Yellow Dyes

. Mo , Lorrie & Curlee for empty boxes & wrapping papers.

. Nice Path: See Jonanthan return back some presents stolen by bad creatures. No matter where presents boxes come from (slimes or yetis or helpers):

5 Purples present boxes
5 Blue present boxes
5 Green present boxes
5 Yellow present boxes
5 White present boxes.

Naughty Path: avoid Jonathan and Verneri with roasted acorns.

Have a look again to the Chief Warrick to see if Helpers are happy for the extra help and if you have made all the tasks.

Then see again Avalia for her research and bring back the required materials to her:

"1 Shock Sweet"
"4 Empty Bottles"
"10 Emerald Powders"

Items required for Orum:
1 Dark Crystal
4 Iron potions
10 Emerald Powders

When you will get all the required materials come back and see her/him again.
You have to install the Mana Battery in the warehouse, the door is behind the Chief Warrick. Talk to the AniManOMat and fix it. Be ready to fight!!!!!

Boss Battle: Destroy all Main Nutcrackers and other Mobs and check your health, and bring with you a lot of potions because there are a lot of mobs to kill. See Avalia/orum again.

. The reward is based on completion percentage on Nice or Naughty Karma.
. Main Boss is fighting in group battle, battle changes depending on who starts it. You need to bring with you some of your strongest comrades to help you for it and bring lots of potions (chicken legs, Iron & concentration potions) to survive.

Final Boss Battle:

You should clear the whole area on last stage. (like Cindy quest or Candor). So get them quickly!!!
Rewards a lot of xp to level, Boss points and Daily Bonus. If you failed you can try again and if you have won see Orum.

If you won once then you can retry to fix it: There will be an option to try to fix it. You need 10 dark crystals on bad path and 15 iron potions on good path. If you are the Hero 2 times, Avalia/Orum will give you a better reward.

You will find your main reward under the Christmas Tree at Nivalis until last day 31 January 2014

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Johanne Laliberté
#8913702 Jan 04, 2014 at 04:10 AM
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Last time i checked reward time ended January 31st.
#8913732 Jan 04, 2014 at 04:29 AM
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Thank you Chay for this information about the delay time :)
Johanne Laliberté
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Nice Path:

* make sure you talk with all helpers in santa inn even if they dont need items from you. Most important npc's are: Vellamo, Ismo, Verneri, Osmo, Veneri, Johnantan and Santa helper.
** in order to be sure you get all the karma needed for perfect completion, just exhaust your daily points with candies, and give 5-15 purple present Box's, or 5 Yellow box's to the Jonathan.

Naughty path:

Fake list, 10 Piles of ashes, 5 Red dyes & 5 Yellow dyes, 10 Cotton Clothes, a lot of Apples so it will be good if you make your daily quest there because your Karma will be naughty. :D

With these Npc's:

Verneri just make 1 Roasted acorn, Urmas 1 empty box, Reino 1 wrapping paper, for Mo, Lorrie or Curlee just give 1 box & the wrapping paper, and for Jonathan just give 5 presents boxes no more
Johanne Laliberté
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Dont forget Santa's Helper, he counts too 8)
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This thread was started in 2013 by Johanne Laliberte, retired CRC Captain and one of the original testers of the Christmas Event. Other than the change in the reward date and the location of the children on the list, I believe most of the advice about the event is still valid and helpful in 2017, and complements the current threads about this topic.

(Caveat: there does seem to be a discrepancy between this thread and the wiki about who should be helped at the Inn while on the Naughty Path. At this time, I cannot say which would produce the better outcome. Please review both when doing the event.)
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