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The quest starts in the caves located North-West to Sagatha (map 017-4).

Orum (part II):
You Must have completed The first Orum quest to be able to persuade the Guarding Spirit to let you into the cave where Orum and Waric are.
You have to build a pentagram by planting magical flowers. Orum Will ask you for items to make five magical flowers. You will have to plant them. If you "loose" (Store) the flower you have to pay a recompensation fee to get another flower (this is to allow item collectors to buy "rare" intermediary items without loosing the reward, and to make rich players spend their money :)).
  • First flower:
    • Orange Tulip 1
    • Small Musroom 5
    • Pile of Ash 5
    • recompensation fee 5,000
  • Second flower:
    • Pink Tulip 1
    • Pink Petal: 5
    • Scorpion Stinger 5
    • recompensation fee: 10,000
  • Third flower
    • White Tulip 1
    • White Fur 5
    • Red Scorpion Stinger 5
    • recompensation fee 20,000
  • Fourth flower:
    • Yellow Rose 1
    • Hard Spike 5
    • Angry Scorpion Stinger 5
    • recompensation fee 40,000;
  • Fifth flower:
    • Red Rose 2
    • Acorn 20
    • Pearl 3
    • Black Scorpion Stinger 5
    • recompensation fee 80,000
  • Item: Rose Hat
  • Money: 100,000;
  • Experience: 100,000
Planting sites:
Planting sites are NPCs, indicated by flowered tiles; you have to talk (click or N and T keys) to them in order to plant the magic flowers.
  1. Woodland Hills (north), just South East the cave map 017-1 .
  2. Woodland / hills, way through the nothernmost mogguns cave, gallery south of terranite cave entrance, to the. map 017-1
  3. Enter Hurnscald mine, head east, then south, through corridors, then west. Pass the spider area. at the beginning of snakes corridor target the small warp at north. map 018-1 83 29.
  4. map 055-1 141 89
  5. map 056-1 62 31
Third Flower: Wait until "the mixture is bubbling heavily" to pour in the rheolological additive.

To change Rose Hat Color: Go to Blossom ( the flower seller) and ask to change your hat for another color. Possible colors are red, pink, orange, yellow, blue and white.
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Waric, The dark path of magic:
There are still issues, To be updated
Updated from a pm by Johanne.

You have killed the injured mouboo and cut a branch of the Druid Tree as asked by the the Evil Spirit who resides in Well in the desert.
You made Sagatha angry so, you are no more able to learn Astral magic. At high costs, the Evil Spirit teaches you the Nature Magic spells. You have now the ability to learn Dark Magic Skill and some spells from Waric:

You can still learn by the Old Wizard Astral Soul Skill and focussing.


  • Summon Wicked Mushrooms:#helorp #darkmush
  • ingredients:
    • 1 Small Mushroom
    • 1 Dark Crystal
  • toxic dart: #phlex, poisons only players (PvP).
  • ingredients:
    • 2 Roots
  • Summon Snakes: #halhiss
  • ingredients:
    • 1 Root
    • 1 Snake Egg

Time to spawn beetween 15-18 seconds and depending on the spell you use.

Roots are dropped by:
Log Head (25%)

Snake Eggs are dropped by:
Snake (4%)

Total cost:

1 Dark Crystal
1 Snake Egg

Dark Magic School apprentice; level 2.
150000 exp.

: there is an inconsistency in Waric dialog: He asks for a Root and a snake egg to teach the summon-snakes spell, but asks if you brought a Dark Crystal and a Snake Egg (and takes them). The spell ingredients are actually Root and a snake egg and may change, depending on developer's decision.
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Additional summoning spells for light path, Astral Magic School:

Pauline Is located in Tulimshar, just south east of the magic school area entrance.

She pretends that Sagatha is too busy to teach you some other summoning spells. She can tell you the invocations if you are able to help her to find the ingredients:

  • Summon Mouboos:
    • Root
    • MoubooFigurine
  • Summon Pinkies:
    • Root
    • PinkAntenna
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Thanks Nard !
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