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#8082084 Jul 03, 2013 at 06:57 PM
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Here's a copy of the chat (Gen) log - I found this whole thing strange... Miscommunications... ummm misunderstandings.. long story short i didn't know we could take and own a whole room to yourself and tell others to leave, but that's what happened. My understanding was that we shared rooms ? My question is how am i to handle this when told to be "strong with her" when i asked for advice? why did i have to leave?

[06:40] Fiona: Im going to train my char
[06:40] Joseph^Sod: alright
[06:40] Fiona: as youre stronger
[06:40] Fiona: Ill find better opponent
[06:41] Joseph^Sod: what lvl are you?
[06:41] Fiona: my alt is at 73
[06:41] Fiona: your opponent will be at 99
[06:41] Joseph^Sod: i dont know what your talking about opponent?
[06:42] Fiona: so youre letting her train as she was first here or Im bringing someone strong
[06:42] Fiona: explaining, she cant train as youre stronger
[06:42] Joseph^Sod: .... i still dont understand what you mean opponent?
[06:42] Joseph^Sod: you talking PVP?
[06:43] Fiona: no, I dont like pvp
[06:43] Fiona: I was going to train my small alt here
[06:43] Joseph^Sod: well im doing my daily here
[06:43] Fiona: but you came and got this room
[06:43] Fiona: she cant train anymore
[06:44] firekitty: so ?
[06:44] Joseph^Sod: ?
[06:44] Joseph^Sod: so what?
[06:44] firekitty: I asked you to let her train
[06:44] firekitty: now Im gonna kill all yetis
[06:44] Joseph^Sod: no you didnt?
[06:44] Joseph^Sod: well good for you
[06:44] Joseph^Sod: its going to cost you arrows ?
[06:46] Fiona: Ill be back in some minutes
[06:46] Fiona: and I want this room to be free
[06:47] Fiona: on my return
[06:56] alphaone: move mouse pionter over the text
[06:56] alphaone: then r click and a menu pops up
[07:05] Ginaria: Happy Birthday again ☺
[07:05] Ginaria: some caked...
[07:06] Ginaria: some cakes...
[07:06] Joseph^Sod: tastey
[07:06] Ginaria: then the first page of the book "Life of a Pinky"
[07:07] Joseph^Sod: lol
[07:07] Ginaria: one of my tears...
[07:07] Joseph^Sod: ☺
[07:07] Ginaria: something to throw it on Fiona
[07:07] Joseph^Sod: ☺
[07:07] Joseph^Sod: thanks gina ☺
[07:08] Ginaria: a magical items
[07:08] Joseph^Sod: thanks pinkie ☺
[07:08] Ginaria: happy day for you ☺
[07:08] Joseph^Sod: ☺
[07:08] Ginaria: now i return at hurnscald, much to do at home
[07:08] Joseph^Sod: ok be safe
[07:09] Ginaria: like sorting my pairs of shoes alphabetically
[07:09] Joseph^Sod: haha ☺
[07:09] Ginaria: see you later ☺
[07:09] Joseph^Sod: k cya ☺
[07:11] Fiona: ?
[07:11] Fiona: I need this room
[07:12] Fiona: any questions ?
[07:12] Fiona: -1
[07:14] Fiona: stop this
[07:14] Fiona: let my alt train
[07:14] Joseph^Sod: not by being rude ... no !
[07:15] Fiona: you have 2 minutes to sto pbeing rude
[07:15] Joseph^Sod: you dont get your way
[07:15] Fiona: not going to repeat
[07:15] Fiona: time is coming
[07:15] Joseph^Sod: go fly a kite
[07:17] Fiona: good job =)
[07:17] Fiona: I asked him nicely to sto pabusing
[07:18] Fiona: bye ?
[07:18] Joseph^Sod: fiona PVP ...
[07:18] Fiona: no chances to abuse anymore
[07:18] Joseph^Sod: your one to talk
[07:18] Fiona: pvp ?
[07:18] Fiona: me ?
[07:18] Fiona: lol
[07:20] Fiona: explaining
[07:20] Fiona: Im not in need of childis hwars
[07:20] Fiona: I brought my small alt
[07:20] Fiona: you came and grabbet yetis
[07:20] Fiona: I asked you to let her train
[07:20] Joseph^Sod: you did not ask me you demaned
[07:21] Joseph^Sod: like you own this room
[07:21] Fiona: like I asked to be polite
[07:21] Joseph^Sod: you did not !
[07:22] Joseph^Sod: i asked you what you were talking about and then you demaned
[07:22] Joseph^Sod: you dont own this room
[07:22] Joseph^Sod: or the yetis
[07:23] Fiona: we need this room
[07:23] Fiona: to train
[07:23] Fiona: is it fine ?
[07:24] Machine Gunn Kelly: id like to but i cant with him hes set for this spot only
[07:24] CRC Johanne: what's happening here
[07:24] Machine Gunn Kelly: interuption
[07:24] Fiona: I was going to train small char and he came and grabbed yetis
[07:25] Fiona: after I asked I got no reasonable respond
[07:25] CRC Johanne: they were here before you
[07:25] Joseph^Sod: you demaned
[07:25] Fiona: no
[07:25] Fiona: I was here before
[07:25] Machine Gunn Kelly: went outside to wait on me
[07:25] Fiona: dont join this fight
[07:25] CRC Johanne: I'll join them if........
[07:26] Machine Gunn Kelly: i could just grab a 99
[07:26] Fiona: if what ?
[07:26] Fiona: I could also
[07:26] Fiona: they wont win
[07:26] Fiona: and you wont change someone
[07:27] Machine Gunn Kelly: join in ill use potions
[07:27] Fiona: so just dont join this fight
[07:27] Machine Gunn Kelly: they can help
[07:27] Fiona: we have 99ers parked here
[07:27] CRC Johanne: If there is no agreement
[07:27] Machine Gunn Kelly: no arduement just intusion
[07:27] Fiona: Ill explain last time for "special" people
[07:28] Machine Gunn Kelly: i got my asshole skill to lvl 9
[07:28] CRC Johanne: never ask to leave a room
[07:28] Fiona: dont teach us please
[07:28] Fiona: were older and saw more
[07:28] CRC Johanne: you were above this cave and you doing nothing
[07:29] Fiona: I was here with my alt
[07:29] Machine Gunn Kelly: im like almost first pixles
[07:29] Fiona: then joseph sad came
[07:29] Fiona: then his buddy
[07:29] Fiona: what I asked
[07:29] CRC Johanne: awwwwwwwwww.
[07:29] Fiona: one of them showed
[07:30] Machine Gunn Kelly: there not helping
[07:30] Fiona: tongue
[07:30] Fiona: another - trollface
[07:30] CRC Johanne: the aren't here for multiboxing so why not sharing xp
[07:30] Machine Gunn Kelly: i miss the troll face
[07:30] Machine Gunn Kelly: um stat
[07:30] Fiona: nobody is here for multibox
[07:30] CRC Johanne: with them
[07:31] Machine Gunn Kelly: im runnin 10 vit there
[07:31] Fiona: there are 2 of them
[07:31] Fiona: why not to pass my alt by ?
[07:31] Machine Gunn Kelly: need to freeze and there not gonna do that
[07:31] CRC Johanne: why are you so rude and you talking, this is not a nice approach with other players
[07:31] Fiona: especially as she was here first
[07:32] Machine Gunn Kelly: im not gonna get bullyed outa my spot
[07:32] alphaone: im my own person
[07:32] Machine Gunn Kelly: ive 4k potions says so
[07:32] Fiona: so youre gonns fight ?
[07:32] Machine Gunn Kelly: not this time im not gonna budge
[07:33] Machine Gunn Kelly: they can help out
[07:33] Machine Gunn Kelly: if they like
[07:33] Fiona: leave this fight, 'helper', its our business
[07:33] Fiona: you wont change something against Amethystium or firekitty
[07:33] Joseph^Sod: ?
[07:34] Machine Gunn Kelly: tired of getn moved outa areas
[07:34] Joseph^Sod: your strange fiona
[07:34] Fiona: we're asking nicely to let us train our 70ers here
[07:34] Fiona: still in a good way
[07:34] Joseph^Sod: well if that was the truth then it would have been differnt
[07:34] Machine Gunn Kelly: specificly stated to freeze them
[07:34] Machine Gunn Kelly: here
[07:35] Machine Gunn Kelly: moment we try thell unfreeze and guess what im tho one walkin back
[07:35] CRC Johanne: there is good to ask that politly
[07:36] Machine Gunn Kelly: you figured they would see us outside
[07:36] Machine Gunn Kelly: and ask if they was done not just take over
[07:36] Fiona: I did
[07:36] Fiona: but they just laughed
[07:36] Machine Gunn Kelly: lie they did
[07:36] Machine Gunn Kelly: like
[07:37] Machine Gunn Kelly: whos laghing now?
[07:37] Fiona: so dont join this fight, johanne, it has nothing to do with you
[07:37] Joseph^Sod: i said i was doing my daily
[07:37] Machine Gunn Kelly: come help me lvl
[07:37] Fiona: they werent polite
[07:37] alphaone: and [07:20] alphaone: [07:10] Fiona: I need this room is not a polite way to ask
[07:37] Fiona: so we'
[07:37] Fiona: we'll deal with them
[07:37] Machine Gunn Kelly: im a noobie arche rto lvl 90
[07:38] CRC Johanne: a newbie at level 90 cool
[07:38] Fiona: so ?
[07:38] Machine Gunn Kelly: yup
[07:38] Fiona: when can I bring my small alt back ?
[07:38] Machine Gunn Kelly: noobie 90
[07:39] Machine Gunn Kelly: your not strong till 96
[07:39] Fiona: these 2 should leave and think of a "good and bad" ways of solving issues
[07:39] Joseph^Sod: you almost funny fiona
[07:39] Fiona: anyway we wont let them to cheat here
[07:39] CRC Johanne: you have other places to kill them easily Fiona
[07:40] Fiona: I was here first
[07:40] Joseph^Sod: but its a sad thing to lie about your attude and dealings
[07:40] Machine Gunn Kelly: yup
[07:40] Fiona: and other places are harder for my small alt
[07:40] Machine Gunn Kelly: she went outside to wait on me
[07:40] CRC Johanne: no you were at the other entrance
[07:40] Fiona: I was here
[07:40] CRC Johanne: and sat
[07:40] Machine Gunn Kelly: right out this door
[07:40] Joseph^Sod: you sat right here
[07:40] Joseph^Sod: you were above doing nothing!
[07:41] Joseph^Sod: she sat here
[07:41] alphaone: yup
[07:41] alphaone: i come in thourght to other door
[07:42] Joseph^Sod: oh your done now
[07:42] Joseph^Sod: room open i see
[07:42] Gladius Maximus: we was right here about to start
[07:42] alphaone: i done veen know how to get here
[07:42] Fiona: I was here before you were in nivalis
[07:42] alphaone: yes please do
[07:43] Fiona: as for you johanne, you can ask Nard what does he do in such a cases
[07:43] Fiona: we train our chars here too
[07:44] Fiona: in cases when someone comes and starts to abuse without sayig a word
[07:44] Fiona: and only after that try to fight, especially fight us
[07:44] Joseph^Sod: you talking about yourself fiona
[07:44] Fiona: I logged in
[07:45] Fiona: 1.
[07:45] Fiona: logged in Saga, my alt
[07:45] Fiona: in about an hour you came
[07:45] Fiona: then your buddy alpha* joined you
[07:45] Joseph^Sod: you would rather hog a room then share it
[07:46] Joseph^Sod: and act like you own it
[07:46] Fiona: I asked you nicely, my alt is small and will have troulbles in other rooms
[07:47] firekitty: forgot thta smile
[07:48] Fiona: so,choose other room for daily cheating (as you dont fight directly and exploit the bug)
[07:48] Fiona: thats all
[07:48] alphaone: ok
[07:48] CRC Johanne: you did same Fione
[07:49] Fiona: and think about your behaviour next time
[07:49] alphaone: or just fix the bug
[07:49] Fiona: I never have issues with polite people
[07:49] alphaone: then there will be no problems
[07:49] Fiona: Ive been training my alts together with Nard her and all is ok
[07:49] Fiona: you have no patience or politness
[07:50] Joseph^Sod: you talk alot of smack!
[07:50] Joseph^Sod: and are rude!
[07:50] Joseph^Sod: with double standards
[07:50] Fiona: when Ill want to know your opinion about me,Ill let you know
[07:50] Joseph^Sod: ha!
[07:50] Joseph^Sod: like wise
[07:51] Fiona: sure
[07:51] Fiona: and you wont prove different
[07:51] CRC Johanne: Fiona I won't to tell you what player think about you
[07:51] Machine Gunn Kelly: im not explaing anymore lets get xp fi
[07:51] CRC Johanne: is not very good sometimes
[07:51] Fiona: tell me 3 rules of successful talking and solving issues
[07:51] Machine Gunn Kelly: petty stuff
[07:51] Fiona: joseph sad or sod
[07:52] CRC Johanne: so guys leave them now
[07:52] Fiona: so ?
[07:52] Joseph^Sod: thats dirt to you bub!
[07:52] Fiona: johanne, let he says first
[07:52] Fiona: at least 1 of 3
[07:52] Machine Gunn Kelly: ill see that and raise you a dirtbag
[07:52] Machine Gunn Kelly: go pfish
[07:53] Fiona: 2nd rule says: you have to have someone in need of your opinion
[07:53] Fiona: otheerwise youll look like a clown
[07:53] Fiona: let 1st and 3rd will be the quest for you, think about it
[07:53] Fiona: ;)
[08:02] mana.js: Hello everyone
[08:02] Confused Tree: Hi, mana.js!
[15:23] Biqcassy: hi Spk
[15:24] Spk Two: hi
#8113452 Jul 10, 2013 at 09:20 AM
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#8082084 Joseph^Sod wrote:

[...] My understanding was that we shared rooms ? My question is how am i to handle this when told to be "strong with her" when i asked for advice? why did i have to leave? [...]

I've seen somethings comparable in the past, and it was nearly always concerning Fiona or one of her alts.
What she means is that training with another higher level char lowers the exp/min she gets, which is pretty understandable.
I've seen her in GY only few times, and mostly she came as a healer or a skull carrier. When she was there to level up her low level chars, she usually leaves quickly since many other players often come. I guess yetis are more often people-free.

Actually, from my experience of it at least, you can level up peacefully with her if your char's level is inferior or equal to hers. Maybe I should say when it doesn't lowers her exp/min. In some sense, that's quite understandable.
However, she seems to be in a complete race of raising 99ers. But be gentle with her, and such situation will never happen.
Seriously, she's probably one of the fairest player here when you know how to deal with her...

Basically, when you wanna share time with her :
  • Be polite and ask for joining her
  • Bring a char that will not take advantage of the exp/min
That's pretty simple and i've never experienced such situations like yours following these "rules".

Good luck for next time (if you wanna try). However, if she now doesn't like you, next time will be even harder...
#8115825 Jul 10, 2013 at 06:53 PM
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I've already made peace with her, but thanks for the reply Kazenawa. :)
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