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Hello to every reader,

I created this thread because i've just finished Rossy's quest with my second char.
On my first time, i remembered a difficult cave (maybe because i was archer though), with a big undergound gallery on it's center. Because of that gallery, you can't see the tiles you're allowed to walk on, but you also can't see the monsters...

This time, i was playing on manaplus, and i tried to change the view of the game with the button "f" (i think that the button "f" is the default to change view, on yellowbar). I was happy to find that with the "green view" (the one where tiles are light green and dark green), you can see the tiles you're allowed to walk on, but also the monsters !
I found it really helpful to win the fight.

This tip also works to see the path to go to the boss cave and the skeleton that might hide in it.

Here is a link on a screenshot i made :

Link to the screenshot

Hope that it could help.
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