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Manakeep 728x90


Level 97
Played by Livio
Primary Spec
Speed skill
Secondary Spec
Healing shadow
Primary Profession
Secondary Profession
Light swordman
[21:10] Nced: Wanna do some quest?
[21:10] Livio: Okay! I'll follow you!
[21:10] Nced: Uhm... let me think a little.
[21:10] Nced: Are you planning to be an archer?
[21:11] Livio: No.
[21:11] Nced: A mage?
[21:11] Livio: I'll try to be a warrior first.
[21:11] Livio: Ammo and MP aren't eternal.
[21:12] Livio: So cold...
[21:12] Nced: Arrows are cheap and MP regenerates quite quickly.
[21:12] Livio: All right then!
[21:12] Livio: I'll be an archer
[21:13] Livio: !!!
[21:13] Livio: My bow doesn't work.
[21:13] Nced: Do you have any arrows?
[21:14] Livio: 228 arrows left.
[21:14] Nced: You should equip them as well.
[21:14] Livio: You're right.


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