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Manakeep 728x90


Level 94
Played by roamingo
Primary Spec
Secondary Spec
Illia rager
Wed 25.April.18 18:18 CEST
[10:55] roamingo: is Undead species member
roamingo (main character) has 8 (eight) alt char [names all begin with 'roam']
at lvl94 [16:16] roamingo: str:90=79+11 agi:47=46+1 vit:75 int:1 dex:40 luk:70 w Attack:303 and Attack Delay:150
[16:17] roamingo: 17.08972% leaving 19,76+ xp to go till lvl95

Thu 19 Apr 2018 12:50 CEST
[10:55] lvl93 roamingo has str:80=79+1 agi:42=41+1 vit:75 int:1 dex:40 luk:70 with Attack:276 and AttackDelay:476
[10:55] roamingo: now lvl93 has reached of lvl94 87.94614% = 2210594 left to go

[10:55] roamingo: has focus on Raging, and has all standard skills all at lvl9
[10:56] roamingo: has Magic:1 and Life:2 and Nature:2
[11:00] roamingo: uses as Warrior [Crusade Helmet] or [Bull Helmet] and [Warlord Plate] [Terranite Legs] [Warlord Boots] [Ruby Ring] [Setzer] [Steel Shield] [Heart of Isis] [Leather Gloves]
[11:07] roamingo: at job lvl:180 has reached nominally of next level 99.99787% = 1pt left to go