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Ahoy and Welcome!

You must be wondering who we are and what is our goal. Well! I will relate to you the history of the Red Corsair!

It all began when my sister and I made the acquaintance of the Red Corsair, the strongest pirate of the coasts north of the Mana World. We immediately understood what would be the objective of our lives - to become the best corsairs of all times by joining the crew of the Red Corsair!

As the years passed, we grew in cunning and strength and took part in fierce battles against powerful enemies. Thanks to the loyalty and sacrifice of the crew, we ourselves always survived. But then our valiant captain was captured in a great battle. The crew split into rival groups, hating and blaming each other for losing the battle and not preventing the capture of the captain - our unique and adored captain.

Soon after, my sister and I took the initiative and snuck into the city harbor upon which that infamous battle had been fought, and rescued our captain on the eve of his execution. Exalting and brimming in courage, we began to scour the coast to recruit a new crew - a powerful and glorious crew with whom we sail forth to discover the riches of the seas!

Join us in this great adventure, brave corsair!


To join the Crew of Red Corsair Guild (CRC) you need:

1) To find a Bandana or Pirate Hat.
2) Give your soul to protect the ship and its Captains. (Optional, but don't try to kill us...)
3) To be recommended by one of our Officers or Crew and have our 'Ok'.
4) To register in the site.
5) To be only in this guild.
6) To be at least level 50.
7) To not curse, or use crude or obscene words or symbols.
8) To have good intentions.

The Captains

Crew of Red Corsair Guild, Estd. 2010

Detailed rules are in the Forums:
Forums: Rules & FAQ »rules
For Your Information
How to add a character (alt) to your existing account:
Click: Roster > Search icon 🔍 > (type in your account name) > blue cross ➕ to the right of Characters.

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Words of Caution:
1) The connection to this website is through HTTP, which is an unencrypted connection. Please be careful and make sure the password you use for this site is unique, and not used for any other site or login. A "Login Alternate" link using HTTPS has been added to the menu bar, but please know that the connection to the site is still not private.
2) TMW community is small, and most players know each other. However, there may be a few who pretend to be friendly but have bad intentions. So please take care with your possessions. Do not tell anyone your passwords. Do not lend an item unless you are willing to risk never getting it back. And before you sell or trade an item, especially a rare one, check the market rate as posted on TMW ManaMarket Sales/Statistics (see above links).

Crew on the Move:
(All of the following are CRC crew members who became allies.)
Cuoco - voted in as a Game Master [April 2022]
Hello=) - voted in as a Game Master [November 2020]
Kytty - voted in as a Game Master [December 2019]
NitayandaRama - voted in as a Game Master [July 2015]
Veryape - voted in as a Game Master [January 2014]
Silent Dawn - voted in as a Game Master [March 2013]
V0id - joined GHP [March 2013]
Mrgrey - voted in as a Game Master [September 2011]
Big Crunch - voted in as a Game Master [September 2010]
Alons - voted in as a Game Master [May 2010]